How to make a homemade draft stop

byFrugal and Simple

Sat Feb 17 2024

@ CompanyLLC
Homemade Draft Stop

The temperatures are falling and we are trying to be energy efficient this winter to save money! With that in mind, I made a draft stop for our living room door.Supplies:

  • Heavy Fabric (I used flannel)
  • Fiber Fill
  • Thread
  • Beans


  1. Cut your heavy fabric about 4 inches longer than your door and approximately 10 inches wide (depends on if you want a wide or thin draft stop). Sew the long ends together inside out so you have a tube.
  2. Using scraps from your heavy fabric or other scraps make 2 small bags and fill with beans that will go on the ends to weigh down the draft stop. (These can be crudely sewn because they are going to be inside the draft stop!)
  3. Sew one of your bean bags on one of the ends of the tube (that is still turned inside out.)
  4. Turn the tube right side out and stuff with fiberfill.
  5. Sew the second bean bag on the other end and sew the draft stop up!
  6. Finished! It’s ready to start helping you save money!

This draft stop took about 15 minutes to make. The stitches aren’t perfect, it’s a functional item that is going to be on the floor during the winter!

It cost me less than $1 to make! I was given the flannel and the fiber fill and used about 1 1/2 cups of pinto beans!