Bathroom Makeover

Back in August while my husband was out of town, I began making over our bathroom! I painted the bathroom vanity, replaced the curtain and added in some decor.

Here’s the result:

The black cabinets turned out wonderful and the small touches really make the bathroom look wonderful!

I made the curtain using fabric I had on hand and simply tacked them up over the window using thewindow mistreatment’ philosophy!

Since the color scheme is black, white and tan, I thought this Rolled Paper Africa Art was perfect! John David traveled to Ethiopia this past June and we have a Compassion child there so it’s a reminder of that trip, the wonderful people there and our sponsored child. I purchased it from Mercy House Kenya, a maternity home in Kenya.

And here’s another angle of the bathroom. I put a scripture verse on the wall and we bought a new soap dish that’s easier to clean!

Cost ::

Paint & Supplies: Free (used what I had on hand!)

Africa Art: $50 (with shipping)

Scripture Art: Free (I’ve had it for years!)

Soap Dish: $4 at Ikea

Curtains: Free (used fabric I already had!)

Total: $54

I think that was $54 well spent making the bathroom look wonderful!

Paxton’s Nursery

Now that we’re expecting and beginning to plan a nursery for two, I thought it was time to share Paxton’s nursery in our new home!

When we were expecting Paxton, we put together a nursery which was completely functional but lacked personalization and finishing touches. Then we moved to a rental and the nursery there was builder beige and we didn’t have a thing on the walls.

When we moved, I wanted to create a room for him that was personalized and a space he could grow up with, all on a small budget. We painted the walls a beautiful shade of green and added in touches of bright reds and blues with toys and decor. I adore primary colors!

Most of Paxton’s treasures are here on this bookshelf! He adores his books, his blocks and his farm!

Before we moved, I took a mirror that was in our yard sale pile and with a couple coats of spray paint completely made it over! The best part, we already had the spray paint so this was a free makeover!

While I was spray painting the mirror, I decided to paint the  knobs on the dresser red too! What a difference that made {and yes, a knob is missing! It’s actually tucked away in one of the drawers, we just haven’t put it back on!}

The I can do everythingart was part of a Day Spring review, The Cat in the Hat book was $1 at a thrift store and I purchased the ABC book for $5 as a birthday party decoration. The chair, which we love, was a Christmas gift from my grandparents. Paxton loves reading his books in his chair! {Or just hanging out chewing on a toy in his chair!}

I picked up these curtains at Goodwill several years ago for a mere $4! We used them in our first little apartment for a little while and they are perfect for Paxton’s room! I made the flag on the wall from a scrap piece of tin from my grandparents farm a few years back.

When we moved we needed a place to store toys. I didn’t want a traditional toy box since they are so big. We picked up an $18 galvanized tub for toys which goes right along with the farm touches in the room!

The most expensive part of the room was the rug. We wanted a 100% natural rug and were looking for a wool rug {which are expensive}. After a few months of searching, we still hadn’t found one we loved. We decided to go with a cow hide rug which is natural and incredibly soft! This was not a cheap purchase, we spent $150 on it but it’s a rug we love and will use for many years to come.

When we went to Ikea several months ago, I picked up 6 red frames for $12. I purchased them so I could finally display the farm animal wall art I had made before Paxton was born using old scrapbooking supplies. Often when I get Paxton out of his crib, he’ll point to the animals!

We were given a changing table before Paxton was born. It was a wood color and we painted it white so it would go with the rest of our nursery furniture! It cost around $20 for  paint and supplies. The ‘P’ was $5 at Hobby Lobby and painted with the same spray paint from the mirror and dresser knobs.

Paxton’s room is my favorite room in our home! I love that it is put together and that it is not too babyish and will be able to grow with him (and little brother one the way!)


$25 Paint

$1 Cat in the Hat book

$5 ABC book

$18 Galvanized tub

$150 Cow Hide Rug

$12 Red Picture Frames

$20 Paint for Changing Table

$5 ‘P’

Total: $236*

And Paxton loves his nursery, especially reading in there!

{*$256 seems like a lot of money and it is! When you take out the $150 cost of the rug, the makeover was only $86! That’s quite frugal in my opinion! Plus, frugality to us is fewer quality items we love over cheapness!}

Painting the Bathroom Vanity

A few weeks ago, while my husband was out of town, I kept myself occupied with several small projects! One of the projects was painting the bathroom vanity.

Since we moved into our home back in April, I’ve been thinking about a mini makeover in the bathroom. I finally decided that I wanted to paint the vanity and mirror black!

Before ::

After ::

This project really turned out better than I expected it would! I was so anxious for my husband to get home from his trip so I could show off my work! He told me probably 5 times that it looked really good and that he really liked the black!

Close up of the cabinets ::

This project cost me nothing since I used leftover black paint.

I simply cleaned the cabinets and let them dry and then painted! I applied two coats of paint. If I had to do it over again, I probably would prime the cabinet first.  {I’m thrilled with how it turned out and I’m just hoping it will hold up since it wasn’t primed!}

We love the new look in the bathroom!

Have you thought of painting your bathroom vanity? 

From Chaotic to Orderly

Last week I shared our messy office/guest room. As we unpacked, everything that didn’t have a spot was tossed into this room.

It was messy. I hated going in there because it was so bad! So I decided to use nap time wisely and do something about it.

Making progress with books on the bookshelf and using the bed for some sorting. {Notice the cheerios in the floor…evidence of a toddler!}

I did all of this in about 30 minutes time and took a break. Then I decided to keep on going and was able toget the rest of it cleaned up in about 30 more minutes. That hour of work made me a happier person!

Huge, huge, huge difference! Doesn’t this room look so peaceful? I must confess that the closet in this room is full of stuff that needs to be gone through and organized but the room looks good and I am happy having a neat guest room/office.

For now, this space looks amazing to me. {I do have big plans and dreams of turning this room into an office/playroom/schoolroom in the not too distant future.}

Do you have a messy room that is draining you? I challenge you to set a timer for 30 minutes and get to work. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in such a short amount of time when you are focused on getting a job done!