Homemade Patty Melt

In an attempt to eat a little healthier I have been considering trying to switch to healthier meats whether they be from our families farms, organic or without growth hormones & antibiotics. While we were grocery shopping this weekend I found a pound of ground Laura’s Lean Beef marked down to $1.79 and decided to give it a try. It is a 92/8 beef and we could definitely tell the difference when grilling it!

We made Patty Melts for dinner! They were amazing with slices of Sharp White Cheddar and buttered grilled bread! The beef was delicious and I loved the lower fat content! I really think it’s worth paying a little more for higher quality beef without the hormones and with a lower fat content!

Bountiful Harvest and Blessings

We have been abundantly blessed with produce the past few weeks!

Friends from church gave us a huge bag of corn which we cut of the cob and froze 9 12-ounce bags of whole kernel corn! When my parents came last week they brought blackberries, tomatoes and purple hull peas and when my Grandma came to visit my sister in the hospital she brought me more tomatoes! And, to top all of this off, we picked our first bell peppers!

It has been so much fun to watch our produce grow and such a blessing to receive from the abundance of friends and family!

This is what I have preserved thus far (minus the corn):
 4- 2 cup bags of blackberries from my grandparents farm
 Peppers from my garden!!
 Sliced peppers ready to freeze


 5- 1 cup bags of sliced bell peppers
5 pints & 1 jelly jar tomato juice
3 quarts & 1 pint tomatoes

Homegrown Lettuce

Last night we had our first salad with homegrown lettuce!

The delicious salads:

John David’s salad-blue cheese dressing with blue cheese crumbles.

My salad- ranch dressing.

They were both delicious and I must admit I loved the fact that we were eating homegrown lettuce.