The Growing Garden

It’s already been a month since I shared about beginning our garden and unfortunately nothing much has really changed! It seems life happened and had set our garden plans back – going out of town, dealing with getting our pool open and the water balanced and two busy weeks of transcribing for me! There has been a little progress, but not much!

Our one raised bed is showing progress, our two banana peppers are looking great and so are our 5 tomato plants {we were given these plants!} The other 3 beds still haven’t been built. We really need to get on it!!

We actually have a teeny, tiny pepper growing!

Our seedlings have not fared well (mainly due to me forgetting to water them a few days last week!) Our cantaloupes recovered from a few days without water and are looking good again. Now, we just need to build another bed so they can be transplanted!

Not much to report and I have a feeling I’m going to have to let go of some of my lofty gardening dreams this year!

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Bamboobies Nursing Pads + Giveaway

{This giveaway is now closed.}

Breastfeeding is by far the frugal (and green) way to feed your baby! Of course breast pads are a necessity for nursing mamas. A big question is whether to use disposable or reusable!

Before Paxton was born, I was given disposable pads which I used during the first few weeks. The disposables were uncomfortable and I was incredibly self conscious due to the ‘paper sounds’! Not to mention, I hated all the waste they created!

After those early weeks, I switched to reusables and haven’t looked back with no plans to use disposables with future babies.

There is a cost with whatever nursing pads you choose to use. I’ve invested in reusable pads which have held up through this first year of breastfeeding showing minimal wear! I prefer that to spending $10 or so on a box of disposables every few weeks.

There are all different types of reusable nursing pads but there is a quality and comfort difference! While nursing you’ll be wearing nursing pads daily so choose a soft, comfortable and absorbant pad like Bamboobies!

There are two different types of Bamboobies – Regulars and Overnights.


The regulars are heart shaped and adorable! They come in pale pink, hot pink and black. They really are soft, they’re comfortable and absorbant! The heart shaped pads shifted on me when worn right side up so I wore them upside down with minimal movement. Of course, bodies are shaped differently so you may have no problems wearing them right side up!


Overnights are round shaped, plush and incredibly soft! They are designed for heavy leakers and for those early weeks of nursing. These are the most comfortable nursing pads I have ever tried! Honestly, I love these so much that I wear them during the day. I would recommend the overnight Bamboobies to new mamas wanting to avoid disposables entirely during the first few weeks.

Buy Bamboobies:

2-pair packages of Regular Bamboobies or Overnight Bamboobies ~ $16.99

Multi-pack (a lingerie bag with one pair of Overnights and three pair of Regulars) ~ $29.99

4-pair package of Overnights (in a pink lingerie bag) ~ $29.99

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Win a coupon code worth $16.99! You can purchase a 2-pair package to sample or apply them towards anything else they sell!

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Visit Bamboobies and tell me what you like the best about them!

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Giveaway ends Tuesday, April 26 at 12 pm EST.

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of Regular and Overnight Bamboobies to review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed in this post are my own!

Winner: Commentor #6, Jill!

The Beginning of Our Garden

We haven’t been in our home 2 weeks and aren’t fully settled in but you better believe we’ve started the garden! One of the reasons we purchased our home was the amazing yard with ample space to raise our own food.

Last weekend, my husband attempted tilling (with a borrowed tiller) a spot in our back yard without much success. This north Georgia soil is rocky! With no success following a traditional method, we starting looking into other ways to garden. We decided to go the route of raised beds.

So far, we’ve built one bed using James Hardie siding (which is stands up to moisture and rot and is considered ‘green’ because it uses “natural ingredients that are low in toxicity“.) One 12-foot board is around $7 and it makes a 9 square foot bed! (We currently have supplies for 3  more but haven’t had time to build them!)

In our one raised bed, we  have our two banana pepper plants that we purchased.

I have an incredibly cute gardening helper, he’ll be gardening alongside of me all summer long!

Last week I also started our seeds. I’m a little behind where I’d like to be but at this point but this will be a “learning year” at the new house as well as gardening with a child!

We already have some growth! I just hope our Georgia soil grows cantalopues like our Tennessee soil did!

One of our goals is to have much of our yard become an edible landscape. Instead of lining the side of our home with flowers, we put strawberries there. So far we just have 4 strawberry plants and hopefully will add some more in the future! (We are starting small this year!)

One of our strawberries is turning! I’m looking forward to eating these juicy berries!

And while I snapped these pictures, Paxton entertained himself with dandelions! He loves them!

So far, we’ve spent under $50 for our garden and most of that was for supplies for building the raised beds which will be used for years to come!

Do you have a garden? If not, have you thought about growing 1 or 2 of your favorite vegetables in a small container garden?

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A Green(er) Life: Five Changes

Our family is slowly taking steps towards living a green(er) life. Instead of making huge changes all at once, we’re implementing different things each month towards more natural living.

We have successfully stuck to the changes we implemented in January and added a few more in the month of February.

Our February changes:

1. Switched to a Deodorant Crystal

I am the one who made this change! I don’t know if my husband is quite ready for this one! I was a little leery of using a deodorant crystal. So far I’ve been using it 3 weeks and haven’t had any odor issues! I wear it every day. {I did put on ‘conventional’ deodorant one warm day when we went on a day trip!} Of course, the real test will come in a few months in the sweltering Georgia summer heat!

2. Purchase Fresh Ground Peanut Butter

We love that freshly ground peanut butter contains just fresh peanuts. We both were a little surprised at the taste at first, it’s not sweet because it doesn’t have added sugar! Since becoming accustomed to the difference, we both are really enjoying it. In fact, I’ll occasionally go get a spoonful of peanut butter as a quick snack, something I never did before.

3. Easy to Use Grain Mill

We’ve been grinding our own wheat about 85% of the time for the past 3 months and decided to no longer purchase flour. Since we weren’t going to have flour in our pantry, we needed an easier to use grain mill than the one we owned since it required a lot of clean up, was quite large and wasn’t easy to access once it was ground. We purchased a KoMo Grain Mill which is designed to be left on the counter. We love the way it looks and the best part, grinding is easy! We put the amount of wheat in the hopper that we need, grind it and there’s no clean up! I no longer think, “I want to make bread but I won’t because I don’t want to get the grinder out!”

4. Reusable Coffee Mug

This one is all my husband since he’s the coffee drinker! He brings his reusable Copco  cup to work every day and to church on Sunday which is saving our church about 6 coffee cups a week! Plus, he’ll sometimes put his tea in it if there’s a dinner at church.

5. Glass Water Bottle

This one is all me! I purchased a 22 ounce Lifefactory glass bottle to make drinking water easier when I’m away from home. Since I’m still nursing it’s important to stay hydrated! I also try to carry this with me to church when we have dinners so I don’t waste a cup for water. Yes, the glass is heavier but it doesn’t give the water a funny taste like plastic or stainless bottles do! {And these bottles have silicone sleeves on them to protect the glass!}

These 5 steps in February combined with the 3 in January mean we’ve made 8 changes so far in 2011 towards more natural living!

Have you implemented any changes towards green living lately?