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Snow Day

We’re enjoying a surprise snow day!

I was a little bummed about the cold weather since I’ve already taken our fleece sheets and heated blanket off our bed until next winter! Since all my cold weather bedding was packed away, I bundled up in flannel pajama pants and a thermal top for bed and stayed cozy!

We went out and enjoyed the snow for a few minutes – it was cold! Unfortunately we have no hills so we can’t go sledding!

We took our shoes off on the front porch and went back inside our cozy little apartment and enjoyed the rest of our snow day inside!

Metal Flag

Making a simple metal flag is easy and inexpensive!


  • Metal (ours is made from a scrap piece of tin from my Grandpa’s farm)
  • Masking Tape
  • Spray Paint (red, white and blue!)
  • Piece(s) of Paper
  • Sponge
  • Scissors
  • White Craft Paint


  1. Spray the metal white.
  2. Cover up a square in the upper left corner with paper and then use masking tape to make stripes. Spray stripes red, let dry; peel off masking tape.
  3. Cover the stripes with paper/newspaper and spray the square blue, let dry.
  4. Cut out a star in a sponge. Using white craft paint, stamp stars on the blue!
  5. You’re finished!

We have the  metal flag hanging on our door for now!

Mini Christmas Tree

For Christmas this year we have a live mini Christmas tree! Since we’re living in a tiny apartment, a tiny tree is necessary!

We went to the Tech farm yesterday and I found a tiny little cedar growing along a fence row. I gently cut the mini tree with John David’s massive gerber saw and we brought it home and placed it in a mason jar!

This evening after finishing a school assignment, we headed to Dollar tree to search for miniature lights for our mini Christmas tree!

We found a cute package of mini lights as well as dried pineapples and bananas, salt and vinegar chips, and thin mints (a holiday treat!)

We came home and put lights on our tree while snacking on thin mints and tied a ribbon to the top!

It’s beautiful, frugal and our little apartment home has its own live mini Christmas tree!

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