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Scrap Quilt

I recently went through my scrap fabric and cut out uniform scraps for a scrap quilt (that I’ll make once I have enough scrap blocks).

It took 2 hours to cut all of these out. Now, after I finish up a sewing project whatever scraps I have left will be cut into blocks and stacked with these!

These scraps all remind me of something:

The denim is from jeans that belonged to John David and me.
The red/gold plaid is from our new curtains.
The sunflower print is from the first apron I made.
The green plaid is from a blanket I made my grandma.
The blue is scraps from the couch Kara re-covered!
The farm print is from Jen.
The cream/blue flowers is from our old curtains in our apartment.
The blue/brown/cream checked is from napkins I made.
The baby blue is from my first quilt binding.
The large flower print is from my garden apron!
The blue gingham is from my first quilt & will be in my pinwheel quilt.
The red/blue/cream star print is from my kitchen curtain in my apartment.
The toile is from Kara’s couch pillows!

They are scraps but each of the scraps hold memories that remind me of the places I have lived, people that are close to me, and things I have created in the past. My scrap quilt will be somewhat of a memory quilt and I am sure the others patches that will join these will all hold memories for me too!

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Building Relationships

Last night we had dinner with one of John David’s new co-workers and his family.We enjoyed sharing a meal with them and getting to know their family.

As I was talking to his wife she said something I have thought of often, “you don’t really get to know the people you go to church with until you visit with them outside of church.” This is something I have often thought of too! When we go to someone’s home or they come to our home we are in a relaxed atmosphere and it is there that you are really able to start building a relationship that is more than talking over prayer requests in Small Group.

We are thankful that we are in a church that encourages out of church gatherings because at our church we “do life together,” and isn’t that something every church and every Christian should strive for, to “do life together,” not just “do church together?”

The Small Things

I have been thinking the past few days about the small things in life that are too often overlooked. For me, many of these small things are often silly, nothing profound at all, but they bring great joy into my life.

The small things I enjoy:

*John David’s cold feet at night
*A hug from my husband when walks in the door from work
*Folding our laundry
*Baking cookies
*Vanilla Dr. Pepper at Sonic with John David
*Grape Juice
*A good book
*Soft blankets
*Fleece sheets
*Flannel pjs
*Talking to my sister
*Homemade pizza
*Half anniversaries & birthdays!
*Bargain shopping
*Listening to Christian music and singing at the top of my lungs with John David (and neither of us can sing!)
*Looking at pictures
*Warm socks
*Kid Cereal
*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
*Grocery Shopping
*Long car ride with John David

I could go on and on but those are some of the small things, that I enjoy and that made my life so wonderful!

Beautiful Flowers from My Sweet Husband

John David came home today with these lovely carnations! I was surprised and they are so beautiful! They fit perfectly in my milk bottle and are beautiful on our dresser!

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