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Line Dried Laundry

There’s nothing quite like line dried laundry. I am enjoying my clothesline; hanging the clothes on the line and watching them dry is one of those simple pleasures!

It helps that the clothes come off the line fresh smelling and we are saving money!

A New Dress

I have a new dress, one that I made!

My mom was on Spring Break this week and came to visit to teach me how to read a pattern.She taught me how to use the machine and sewing basics but we have never made anything together.

The aprons and skirt that I made I have figured out on my own. We decided that we would make a dress. Last month I went to Hobby Lobby when McCall’s Patterns were on sale for $.99! The pattern I chose was the only one I found with a modest neckline.

Monday we went to Hobby Lobby looking for the perfect fabric to make a cute dress. It was a hard decision but we were both pleased with the fabric we decided to go with.

We spent Monday evening working on the dress. She showed me marking the fabric and I followed along with the steps and tried to see what the illustrations meant. I sewed quite a bit on the dress and even helped with the gathering which was challenging for me. It turned out beautiful!

My new favorite modest dress, how exciting that I don’t have to wear an undershirt under this!

The full skirt makes it fun…I was even spinning around like a little girl!!

Soon I am going to make another dress on my own and see if I can make it as cute as this one; hopefully it will turn out good.

*I have had several questions about the cost of this dress. Here is the breakdown:
Fabric: (2 yards @ $3.60/yard) $7.20
Lining Fabric: (2 yards @$1.87/yard) $3.74
Zipper: $1.99
Interfacing: (not sure the price…I am going to guess $2)

Total: $14.93

The pattern was $.99 but I am not counting that because I will use it again and of course I used thread!

National Agriculture Day

Today is National Agriculture Day which is celebrated every year on the first day of Spring! Today we need to recognize and celebrate American Agriculture! As Americans we are so blessed to have an abundance of food and fiber and have the lowest food costs in the world.

I am thankful for farmers like my grandparents Travis & Louise Pittman and John David’s grandparents Cecil & Kitty Boreing! My grandparents have a diversified farm in West Tennessee, when I was little they row cropped soybeans and cotton, and now raise beef cattle, goats, strawberries (there is nothing like a farm fresh strawberry), and many other yummy foods! John David’s grandparents have a beef and hay farm in East Tennessee. Tennessee is such a diverse agricultural state from row crops in West Tennessee to dairy and tobacco farms in East Tennessee.

Farm Fresh West Tennessee Strawberries
Mamaw Kitty
My sweet hubby!

We both have Agriculture degrees and met in the FFA, he was the 2004-2005 East Tennessee Vice President and I was the 2005-2006 West Tennessee Vice President! We hope to have our own farm one day (for now we are content with a large garden on our 2 acres….and maybe some chickens soon!)

Snow Cream

We made snow cream tonight, it was the first time that I have had snow cream and it was delicious!


3 quarts snow
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla


Mix together and enjoy the snow cream. It’s a yummy wintertime treat!

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