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Our double daffodils have finally bloomed! Daffodils have always been my favorite flower, they’re the sign of spring for me!

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Let’s Go Outside http://frugalandsimple.com/2011/04/11/lets-go-outside/ Tue, 12 Apr 2011 03:33:06 +0000 http://frugalandsimple.com/?p=6469


Life has been a little chaotic this past week but we’re taking time to enjoy this beautiful April weather!

Our new home has large windows and glass storm doors and there is no lack of sunshine inside! We’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the sunshine and Paxton enjoys standing at the doors looking outside and he frequently ‘asks’ to go out. I love this!

It has been absolutely amazing to see the world through the eyes of Paxton! In the past few days, he’s picked his first flowers, walked barefoot on grass, touched his first earthworm, played in freshly tilled soil, examined a magnolia leaf and played with sticks.

What fun we’re going to have outside all spring and summer long enjoying God’s beautiful creation!

A Glimpse of the Everyday http://frugalandsimple.com/2011/03/15/a-glimpse-of-the-everyday/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2011/03/15/a-glimpse-of-the-everyday/#comments Tue, 15 Mar 2011 19:35:52 +0000 http://frugalandsimple.com/?p=6369

These days, Paxton is always into something, exploring or making a mess. It’s so much fun watching him learn and experience new things for the first time and answer his questions {he’s frequently pointing and saying ‘dat’? We love it!}

While I’m keeping my house clean, it’s not always neat. You will find crumbs on the floor, baby dishes and ‘kitchen toys’ all over the kitchen, books pulled off of bookshelves and toys all over the nursery. Some days I’m amazed that I’m even able to get supper on the table with a little one constantly tugging at my leg wanting to be held.

Some days are long but I try to appreciate the beauty of the every day.

My days are spent playing, nursing, wiping, reading, cuddling, bathing, singing, dancing, snacking, answering, telling and learning! I’m so thankful that we live frugally and simply and I’m home with my little one enjoying these simple moments!

It may seem like my life is boring but in reality, every single day is a new adventure!

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Blackberries http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/05/21/blackberries/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/05/21/blackberries/#comments Thu, 21 May 2009 15:00:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2009/05/21/blackberries/ Last week I discovered blackberry bushes in our yard! And when I say bushes, I mean many bushes. On 2 sides of our property there are blackberry bushes lining the property!! I just love blackberries….jam, jelly, cobbler, frozen for smoothies, they’re just great! I was incredibly excited about this discovery! Now I am anxiously awaiting the berries.

Just one of the many bushes.

One side of the property lined with blackberry bushes (& honeysuckle which smells amazing!)

Almost time to make my wonderful Blackberry Cobbler with fresh blackberries!!

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Line Dried Laundry http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/04/24/line-dried-laundry/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/04/24/line-dried-laundry/#comments Fri, 24 Apr 2009 15:15:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2009/04/24/line-dried-laundry/

There’s nothing quite like line dried laundry. I am enjoying my clothesline; hanging the clothes on the line and watching them dry is one of those simple pleasures!

It helps that the clothes come off the line fresh smelling and we are saving money!

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A New Dress http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/04/18/a-new-dress/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/04/18/a-new-dress/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2009 15:01:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2009/04/18/a-new-dress/ I have a new dress, one that I made!

My mom was on Spring Break this week and came to visit to teach me how to read a pattern.She taught me how to use the machine and sewing basics but we have never made anything together.

The aprons and skirt that I made I have figured out on my own. We decided that we would make a dress. Last month I went to Hobby Lobby when McCall’s Patterns were on sale for $.99! The pattern I chose was the only one I found with a modest neckline.

Monday we went to Hobby Lobby looking for the perfect fabric to make a cute dress. It was a hard decision but we were both pleased with the fabric we decided to go with.

We spent Monday evening working on the dress. She showed me marking the fabric and I followed along with the steps and tried to see what the illustrations meant. I sewed quite a bit on the dress and even helped with the gathering which was challenging for me. It turned out beautiful!

My new favorite modest dress, how exciting that I don’t have to wear an undershirt under this!

The full skirt makes it fun…I was even spinning around like a little girl!!

Soon I am going to make another dress on my own and see if I can make it as cute as this one; hopefully it will turn out good.

*I have had several questions about the cost of this dress. Here is the breakdown:
Fabric: (2 yards @ $3.60/yard) $7.20
Lining Fabric: (2 yards @$1.87/yard) $3.74
Zipper: $1.99
Interfacing: (not sure the price…I am going to guess $2)

Total: $14.93

The pattern was $.99 but I am not counting that because I will use it again and of course I used thread!

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National Agriculture Day http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/03/20/national-agriculture-day/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/03/20/national-agriculture-day/#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2009 15:00:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2009/03/20/national-agriculture-day/

Today is National Agriculture Day which is celebrated every year on the first day of Spring! Today we need to recognize and celebrate American Agriculture! As Americans we are so blessed to have an abundance of food and fiber and have the lowest food costs in the world.

I am thankful for farmers like my grandparents Travis & Louise Pittman and John David’s grandparents Cecil & Kitty Boreing! My grandparents have a diversified farm in West Tennessee, when I was little they row cropped soybeans and cotton, and now raise beef cattle, goats, strawberries (there is nothing like a farm fresh strawberry), and many other yummy foods! John David’s grandparents have a beef and hay farm in East Tennessee. Tennessee is such a diverse agricultural state from row crops in West Tennessee to dairy and tobacco farms in East Tennessee.

Farm Fresh West Tennessee Strawberries
Mamaw Kitty
My sweet hubby!

We both have Agriculture degrees and met in the FFA, he was the 2004-2005 East Tennessee Vice President and I was the 2005-2006 West Tennessee Vice President! We hope to have our own farm one day (for now we are content with a large garden on our 2 acres….and maybe some chickens soon!)

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Snow Cream http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/03/02/snow-crea/ Mon, 02 Mar 2009 21:01:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2009/03/02/fun-in-the-snow/ We made snow cream tonight, it was the first time that I have had snow cream and it was delicious!


3 quarts snow
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla


Mix together and enjoy the snow cream. It’s a yummy wintertime treat!

Scrap Quilt http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/02/24/scrap-quilt/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/02/24/scrap-quilt/#comments Tue, 24 Feb 2009 16:00:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2009/02/24/scrap-quilt/ I recently went through my scrap fabric and cut out uniform scraps for a scrap quilt (that I’ll make once I have enough scrap blocks).

It took 2 hours to cut all of these out. Now, after I finish up a sewing project whatever scraps I have left will be cut into blocks and stacked with these!

These scraps all remind me of something:

The denim is from jeans that belonged to John David and me.
The red/gold plaid is from our new curtains.
The sunflower print is from the first apron I made.
The green plaid is from a blanket I made my grandma.
The blue is scraps from the couch Kara re-covered!
The farm print is from Jen.
The cream/blue flowers is from our old curtains in our apartment.
The blue/brown/cream checked is from napkins I made.
The baby blue is from my first quilt binding.
The large flower print is from my garden apron!
The blue gingham is from my first quilt & will be in my pinwheel quilt.
The red/blue/cream star print is from my kitchen curtain in my apartment.
The toile is from Kara’s couch pillows!

They are scraps but each of the scraps hold memories that remind me of the places I have lived, people that are close to me, and things I have created in the past. My scrap quilt will be somewhat of a memory quilt and I am sure the others patches that will join these will all hold memories for me too!

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Building Relationships http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/01/14/building-relationships/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2009/01/14/building-relationships/#comments Wed, 14 Jan 2009 18:37:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2009/01/14/building-relationships/ Last night we had dinner with one of John David’s new co-workers and his family.We enjoyed sharing a meal with them and getting to know their family.

As I was talking to his wife she said something I have thought of often, “you don’t really get to know the people you go to church with until you visit with them outside of church.” This is something I have often thought of too! When we go to someone’s home or they come to our home we are in a relaxed atmosphere and it is there that you are really able to start building a relationship that is more than talking over prayer requests in Small Group.

We are thankful that we are in a church that encourages out of church gatherings because at our church we “do life together,” and isn’t that something every church and every Christian should strive for, to “do life together,” not just “do church together?”

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The Small Things http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/12/04/the-small-things/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/12/04/the-small-things/#comments Thu, 04 Dec 2008 17:33:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/12/04/the-small-things/ I have been thinking the past few days about the small things in life that are too often overlooked. For me, many of these small things are often silly, nothing profound at all, but they bring great joy into my life.

The small things I enjoy:

*John David’s cold feet at night
*A hug from my husband when walks in the door from work
*Folding our laundry
*Baking cookies
*Vanilla Dr. Pepper at Sonic with John David
*Grape Juice
*A good book
*Soft blankets
*Fleece sheets
*Flannel pjs
*Talking to my sister
*Homemade pizza
*Half anniversaries & birthdays!
*Bargain shopping
*Listening to Christian music and singing at the top of my lungs with John David (and neither of us can sing!)
*Looking at pictures
*Warm socks
*Kid Cereal
*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
*Grocery Shopping
*Long car ride with John David

I could go on and on but those are some of the small things, that I enjoy and that made my life so wonderful!

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Beautiful Flowers from My Sweet Husband http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/11/20/beautiful-flowers-from-my-sweet-husband/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/11/20/beautiful-flowers-from-my-sweet-husband/#comments Fri, 21 Nov 2008 03:00:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/11/20/beautiful-flowers-from-my-sweet-husband/

John David came home today with these lovely carnations! I was surprised and they are so beautiful! They fit perfectly in my milk bottle and are beautiful on our dresser!

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Hot Cocoa for a Chilly Night http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/11/09/hot-cocoa-for-a-chilly-night/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/11/09/hot-cocoa-for-a-chilly-night/#comments Mon, 10 Nov 2008 02:45:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/11/09/hot-cocoa-for-a-chilly-night/

My sweet hubby made me gourmet hot cocoa tonight! He used milk and cocoa mix and then shaved dark chocolate into the cocoa mix and some more over the hot cocoa! It looked amazing and tasted wonderful!!

Hot cocoa is perfect for a chilly night!

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Making Apple Butter http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/10/29/making-apple-butter/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/10/29/making-apple-butter/#comments Wed, 29 Oct 2008 22:30:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/10/29/guest-video-on-lifefrugal-and-simple/ Check out this guest video about making apple butter:

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The Small Ways God Works http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/09/26/the-small-ways-god-works/ Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:38:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/09/26/the-small-ways-god-works/ This morning I looked at my meal plan list on my fridge and I thought about the small ways God works. He often shows himself in the small things.

Last Sunday, I had planned 9 meals; 4 days later and we have only had 2 of the meals!! Isn’t that amazing?

Monday we were invited to dinner at the Simmerman’s, Tuesday I cooked, Wednesday I made chili which was lunch for John David yesterday and dinner last night.

We so often make it through a week and only 2 or 3 meals have been cooked and I often think “wow, what did we eat, I only crossed 3 meals off the list?” God just blesses us in so many ways and he shows himself to us by blessing us in so many little ways.

Without God, we could not make it on a $160 a month food budget and have excess groceries and money in the budget each month! GOD IS SO GOOD!

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/08/29/fresh-squeezed-lemonade/ Fri, 29 Aug 2008 20:56:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/08/29/fresh-squeezed-lemonade/ I made fresh squeezed lemonade this afternoon!

Doesn’t that look delicious? I cannot wait to drink it!

Yummy  fresh squeezed lemonade in my beautiful bluebird pitcher that I received as a wedding gift!

Snow Day http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/03/08/snow-day/ http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/03/08/snow-day/#comments Sun, 09 Mar 2008 02:02:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/03/08/snow-day/ We’re enjoying a surprise snow day!

I was a little bummed about the cold weather since I’ve already taken our fleece sheets and heated blanket off our bed until next winter! Since all my cold weather bedding was packed away, I bundled up in flannel pajama pants and a thermal top for bed and stayed cozy!

We went out and enjoyed the snow for a few minutes – it was cold! Unfortunately we have no hills so we can’t go sledding!

We took our shoes off on the front porch and went back inside our cozy little apartment and enjoyed the rest of our snow day inside!

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Metal Flag http://frugalandsimple.com/2008/03/06/simple-metal-flag/ Fri, 07 Mar 2008 03:14:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2008/03/06/spring-break/

Making a simple metal flag is easy and inexpensive!


  • Metal (ours is made from a scrap piece of tin from my Grandpa’s farm)
  • Masking Tape
  • Spray Paint (red, white and blue!)
  • Piece(s) of Paper
  • Sponge
  • Scissors
  • White Craft Paint


  1. Spray the metal white.
  2. Cover up a square in the upper left corner with paper and then use masking tape to make stripes. Spray stripes red, let dry; peel off masking tape.
  3. Cover the stripes with paper/newspaper and spray the square blue, let dry.
  4. Cut out a star in a sponge. Using white craft paint, stamp stars on the blue!
  5. You’re finished!

We have the  metal flag hanging on our door for now!

Mini Christmas Tree http://frugalandsimple.com/2007/11/27/o-christmas-tree/ Wed, 28 Nov 2007 02:32:00 +0000 http://www.blog.boreingfamily.com/2007/11/27/o-christmas-tree/ For Christmas this year we have a live mini Christmas tree! Since we’re living in a tiny apartment, a tiny tree is necessary!

We went to the Tech farm yesterday and I found a tiny little cedar growing along a fence row. I gently cut the mini tree with John David’s massive gerber saw and we brought it home and placed it in a mason jar!

This evening after finishing a school assignment, we headed to Dollar tree to search for miniature lights for our mini Christmas tree!

We found a cute package of mini lights as well as dried pineapples and bananas, salt and vinegar chips, and thin mints (a holiday treat!)

We came home and put lights on our tree while snacking on thin mints and tied a ribbon to the top!

It’s beautiful, frugal and our little apartment home has its own live mini Christmas tree!