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It’s a…


John David captured me anxiously awaiting the doctor’s arrival for our ultrasound! I was nervous and exciting and just praying for a completely healthy baby!!

Our baby boy is healthy and measuring wonderfully! He weighs approximately 1 pound (I’m 20 weeks 6 days).

Yummy bubble gum cigar from the doctor photographed on Daddy’s jeans!

After we left the doctor’s office we called our parents and sisters and then went to Belk to buy a baby outfit! This is the very first baby outfit that we have purchased for our little one!

We both loved the baby buckaroo outfit! It’s quite fitting for our little man who is going to have a farm nursery!!

So sweet!!

Now the remaining questions…when will he be born and what will he look like! (I hope our son looks just like his daddy!!)

Hand-me-down Maternity Clothes

I am very blessed that my sister, who is my size, had a baby in June and had several articles of maternity clothes that I can use! This is the perfect start to my maternity wardrobe (which I’m not planning on spending much on!) She brought a couple bags of some really cute clothes!

The shirts: 2 black shirts (1 with embellishment, 1 without), a brown/gold tank that I will probably just layer with since I’m due in April &  not in the summer, white long sleeve shirt, pink/navy blue stripe shirt, blue floral shirt, pink floral, and striped shirt!

3 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khakis, brown capris & black capris (if it gets warm in March & April I’ll be able to wear the capris!)

She also had 3 really cute dresses!

I think this is a great foundation to my wardrobe. I purchased a pair of black dress pants (on sale at Belk for $7 & I paid with a gift card…no out of pocket expense for me!) A lady at church is going to give me some of her maternity clothes too, once I get those I will be able to make a further assessment of the items that I need to get me through the winter and the next 6 months!

Any suggestions on items that you wore throughout your pregnancy that I don’t have so far that you would recommend? Also, what are your favorite maternity brands in terms of quality and price?

15 weeks

Here I am at 15 weeks! The weeks seem like they are going by faster now…which is exciting and stressful! I have a list of projects and things around the house that I would like to have done by early March (1 1/2 months before the baby arrives) which only gives us about 4 months (yikes)!

I am excited that my belly is growing especially since I can’t feel the baby yet! I am anxiously awaiting that day…my ob said anywhere between 16-20 weeks so hopefully sometime soon I’ll start feeling our little one move!! We have been asked over and over if we are going to find out the gender and the answer is YES! Before I was pregnant I wanted to wait but since I found out I was  pregnant I’ve been very anxious to know! We should find out around week 20 (first week of December) what the gender is! So far I have no “feelings” one way or the other regarding the gender.

My pants continue to get tighter, the only pants of mine I’m wearing are really low cut ones as well as 2 pair of jeans that were given to me that are 1 size bigger…so far those have sufficient space! I have a feeling that in 2-3 weeks I’ll be wearing maternity jeans.

I’m feeling normal with only a few weird food aversions that are lingering from my morning sickness. I have to get up about 3-4 times every night to use the restroom…that’s a bit inconvenient! I really believe that women have their memory effected by pregnancy…I do and say things that are just a little crazy!

It really hasn’t sank in (at least for me) that in 25 weeks we are going to have a tiny little person that we will be fully responsible for although its getting more real each and every week!

An Interesting Few Weeks

Today marks the 5th week that I have been dealing with morning/all day sickness! It started with a few food aversions 5 weeks ago and has been here to stay. It has been pretty miserable and I remember that first week thinking that the days just crawled by and how was I going to endure weeks of this! That first week was the worst, I didn’t feel like doing anything so I just laid around on the couch or in my bed. I have since adapted to things and am able to get things done, I’ve found if I don’t just feel sorry for myself all the time I actually feel a little bit better!

Thankfully I have had days that I have felt pretty good and days when I can eat somewhat normally (although they are few and far between!) This week I have been blessed with 2 really good days, Sunday I was able to teach Sunday School at 9:30 and then my Frugal Lifestyle class at 6:00 and yesterday I was able to do some cleaning!

It’s been interesting, I haven’t felt much like blogging (which I am sure you noticed). However there really isn’t much for me to blog about since I’m not cooking (can’t share recipes & pictures), not going shopping, not crafting or doing any type of home improvement projects! I’m hoping that even if I continue feeling bad that I will work through it and begin getting some things done! (It’s funny I’m already nesting…in my mind & on paper! I’ve been making up to do lists for our home, the baby’s room, etc. already, I just don’t have the energy to put those plans into action…yet!!)

I must admit I’ve cooked dinner twice in the past 5 weeks (I made up chicken salad one night and a chili another night….and quite frankly both of those sound disgusting to me right now!) John David has been amazing! He has cooked many nights, been on kitchen clean up duty, and has had to deal with what he is eating for lunch! Since we are in somewhat of  “survival mode” when it comes to eating we figured up at the beginning of the month that our grocery budget allows us $5 a day for food, so many days his goal is to eat lunch under $5! (We have a pretty well stocked freezer and pantry and since I’m eating like a bird we don’t need many groceries!) So far this month we are still under budget and our “daily allowance” is up to approximately $7…go us (really, go John David!) I know he is ready for me to get better and start cooking again because he is sick of going out!

Am I complaining or looking for sympathy? No. We know we are so blessed to be pregnant and I know there are many women who would gladly  be sick for 9 months if they could have a baby! Every day I tell myself that it’s going to be so worth it in April! And those days when I feel really horrible and nothing gets done, I remind myself that I’m already doing a very important job, I’m growing a person…you can’t be much more productive than that!

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