Your Postpartum Body

“At six weeks postpartum, your body is almost back to normal, you’re feeling great, and you can resume being intimate with your husband.”

Before giving birth, I believed this! I really thought 6 weeks was the magic number.

After giving birth to an 8 pound 8 ounce baby boy which resulted in a third degree tear, healing was slow! I remember waking up exactly one week after my son was born and I was hardly able to move and wanted to cry as I was getting out of bed. Thankfully, that was the worst of it and I started progressively getting better after that day but why didn’t anyone tell me that the pain would last over a week!

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15 Months of Breastfeeding

Paxton at 15 months, Mama at 16 weeks pregnant

Since it’s World Breastfeeding Week, I’m sharing our breastfeeding story!

When Paxton was born, I hoped and prayed that we would have a successful nursing relationship. Once we got the hang of it, I set a goal of exclusively breastfeeding him until 6 months! Once that goal was reached, I decided that the next goal was to breastfeed him to 1 year. On April 16 we reached that goal.

From there I knew we were going to continue nursing until he was ready to wean. Little did I know at that point that there was another little one on the way! When I found out I was pregnant, he was still nursing morning, early afternoon and before bedtime. I decided to wean him from his early afternoon nursing which wasn’t difficult.

The midwives I saw in our practice were all supportive of me continuing to nurse Paxton during the early stages of pregnancy even though I wasn’t gaining any weight. I was so thankful for their support and reassurance that our baby was fine!

When he turned 14 months old, we began substituting his morning feeding with a bottle. This was a little difficult because every morning for the past year I’d go get him, bring him back our bed, lie down and nurse him and we’d both usually drift back off! Weaning him from morning nursing meant I have an additional step of getting a bottle and taking a bottle isn’t nearly as comforting as nursing so he rarely will go back to sleep anymore!

Around this same time, due to pregnancy, I began experiencing nipple tenderness and breastfeeding was something I didn’t look to as a sweet time but instead as a slightly painful experience. Typically once he latched on good and had nursed for 2 minutes it got better but those first 2-3 minutes were uncomfortable. We skipped one or two nights of nursing, substituting with snuggles and a bottle and he seemed fine. Finally, on Saturday, July 16, after 15 straight months of nursing I nursed him for the very last time.

It was a bittersweet moment knowing that it was the last time he would nurse. I honestly wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be. I think that’s due to the discomfort I’d been experiencing recently and the fact that I have another baby on the way and was looking forward to a bit of a break!

I’m amazed that my body provided nourishment to him for 15 months. I look back and am so thankful for all of the times we had cuddling and the bonding experience breastfeeding truly is! Honestly, I miss breastfeeding now because for the past 2-3 months that was the only time that he’d stay still and cuddle with me! {I’m now learning to be content with quick hugs and frequent kisses instead of holding him in my arms.} I also miss him falling asleep in my arms and just holding him and cherishing those sweet moments of a sweet sleeping babe.

I am thankful that weaning was easy for both of us. For me, my supply was diminishing and I never experienced any engorgement! And Paxton hasn’t had any issues, he’ll occasionally grab my chest and sign ‘milk’ but he’s happy and satisfied with a bottle of milk, either mine or cows milk!

I wouldn’t change a single thing about the past 15 months. Right now I’m enjoying my 5 month breastfeeding break and looking forward to beginning another nursing relationship with our new little one!

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This is just my breastfeeding story. I wanted to write it out so I will remember as well as to encourage mamas that extended nursing can be done. I am not sharing this to judge any mama who doesn’t chose  to or can’t breastfeed beyond a few weeks or months. We all make decisions that we believe are the best for our children. I know both formula and breastfed babies and toddlers that are happy and healthy!

Our Exciting News

That’s right!!

Paxton is going to be a big brother!!!

His baby brother or sister is due to arrive December 31st!

After a week of extreme tiredness and a bit of nausea I thought it was possible that I was pregnant. I took my first test on May 4 and we had a ‘faint’ positive! John David wasn’t fully convinced and neither was I! We decided to test again on May 7 and had another positive. I celebrated my second Mother’s Day as a mama to 2 (although the only people who knew were John David and me and we were in disbelief!!)

I had about 6 weeks of nausea and food aversions but have not been sick like I was with Paxton. With him, I was sick from week 6 to 12! I am now 12 weeks 2 days and am starting to feel normal (I finally meal planned this week!)

Being pregnant, dealing with nausea, tiredness and an extremely active toddler is one of the reasons posts have been few and far between here.

We’re thrilled to be adding to our family! We had an ultrasound last Thursday and our new baby looks healthy! We were surprised to see how much of a baby he/she looks like, we weren’t quite 8 weeks when we had our first ultrasound with Paxton and he looked like a little bean!

Now, the big decision ahead of us is do we want to find out the gender! Since Paxton was born, I said I want to wait until the birth to find out with our next one but now that we have one on the way I’m starting to think I want to know! John David wants to know! We will have the next ultrasound around week 18 or 20 which means we have only 6-8 weeks to decide if we want to find out!

If you want to follow along with weekly pregnancy updates, I’ll be sharing those on our family blog, The Simple Life of the Boreings!

A Year of Breastfeeding

A week ago Paxton turned one and we reached the goal of breastfeeding one year!

When he was born, I knew I wanted to breastfeed and hoped my body would allow me to exclusively breastfeed to 6 months. Once we reached that goal, I decided to keep going to a year. Now, we are a few days past a year and have no plans of quitting.

He nurses every morning and before bedtime. During the day, sometimes he nurses only twice, sometimes up to four times.

I believe breastfeeding has made him a confident baby. He is occasionally clingy but that’s normally when he doesn’t feel good or is tired. Typically he is friendly and loves spending time with other people. He’ll go to just about anybody and we make friends everywhere we go! Paxton’s waving, smiling or reaching out to people!

I know nursing a toddler is strange to some but I’ve been blessed with a supportive husband who believes this is best for our child and several friends who are pro-breastfeeding!

A few Breastfeeding Benefits:

  • A healthy baby. He’s not been very sick at all! He even had a fever when his daddy had the flu but we continued to nurse and he never got the flu and didn’t have to take antibiotics! He has had 1 stomach bug and breast milk was the only food he could keep down for a day which prevented dehydration and antibiotics! We’ve yet to have an earache!
  • Helps with teething. Nursing helps soothe him when he’s teething. I love that he is able to find comfort when he’s in pain.
  • It’s simple. I don’t have to worry about bottles or sippy cups to feed him.
  • It’s frugal. We haven’t bought a single can of formula and now that he can have cows milk, we’re saving money not having to purchase extra organic milk for him to drink.

I haven’t set any goals beyond this point. We are going to continue breastfeeding probably to 15 months and maybe to 18 months. I’m not going to initiate weaning any time soon but if he does initiate whether it is next week, next month, or in several months, we’ll wean.

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*I know many women struggle with breastfeeding whether it is horrible pain, a baby who won’t latch or lack of milk supply and these are things they just can’t control. I do not think mothers who formula feed their babies are inferior to those who breastfeed, we all love our babies and do what is best for them! I also know that breastfeeding to a year -and beyond- doesn’t work for many mamas! If you’ve nursed 2 weeks, 4 months, 11 months or even to age 2, congrats!

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