Moving Chaos

Moving is fun and exciting! I tend to romanticize the positive parts of moving, like a new kitchen, organizing and decorating differently and forget the reality of a move and the stress, hard work and chaos that comes with it.

Moving day was quite peaceful – I was the calmest I’ve ever been during a move and my husband definitely noticed!

The hard part is settling in with an active baby! Not to mention we’re moving into a smaller home with smaller and fewer closets and cabinets. And quite frankly, we still have too much stuff!

This past week has been chaotic but peaceful at the same time. The house is becoming more and more of a home each and every day and we’re working in short bursts while Paxton naps or while he is content playing or snacking!

This was the scene last Monday morning as John David was putting in the last of the contact paper (my husband is awesome!). Paxton was completely content watching daddy while eating breakfast!

{New pearly whites!}

Over the course of the week we’ve managed to organize almost every room in the house. They all lack those small touches that make a house more cozy but it’s coming together and really starting to feel like home!

What about you? Do you really love moving? Or, are you like me and romanticize it but don’t really like it?


When Things Don’t Go As Planned

I had our entire weekend mapped out in my head. Close at 2:00.  After closing swing by and get the electric transferred, call about the water, pick up our Crock-Pot of Chili and carry to the new house so we can stay there late and paint Paxton’s room and some trim. Then on Saturday, more painting and cleaning!

Those were my plans but things don’t always go as planned!

Thankfully, I woke up Friday morning and told John David that I was letting go of my expectations about the weekend and was going to be flexible! I am so thankful I made that decision!

{A peek inside! This is the front door and small bit of our living room. The front of the door is red, I love it!}

We closed at 2:00 and from there our plans went south! Both the water and the electricity were turned off. We had to go out to the house within 30 minutes of closing to get the water back on and we didn’t make it in time to have the power turned on!

That’s right, we had no power!

It’s pretty much impossible to paint walls and trim with no electricity, especially when it is dark and gloomy outside.

We stayed positive and were able to knock out a few projects like spray painting fans, painting exterior doors, putting matching door knobs and keys on the exterior doors and switching the handle on the fridge around.

We were incredibly excited that there was enough light Sunday afternoon to allow us to paint the first coat in Paxton’s room.

You don’t realize how convenient electricity is until you don’t have it! I also was amazed at how much we were able to do without it. If I had to chose between running water and electricity, I’d chose running water over the electricity because it is possible to function and be productive without it!

I’m learning that letting go of my expectations really helps me to remain positive when things don’t go as planned!

I know we’re not the only ones with crazy house closing stories! What are your house closing adventures?


Our Small Brick Ranch

We found the house for our family a few weeks ago! We had looked at several homes in the area but this one was different, when we went to see this one, just pulling in the driveway felt right!

It is a smaller home, around 1,350 square feet, has 1.5 baths and a small kitchen. Since it is a small home, it’s also less expensive; we’re thousands below our budget! We have enough money to not only put 20% down but we also have money to decorate and personalize our space and most importantly, we won’t be stretched each month making a mortgage payment! Additional benefits are the fact that it will cost less to heat and cool, insure and smaller homes are greener!

We’re excited about living in a small home!

After our offer was accepted, John David and I had a few conversations about living in a smaller space and downsizing our living area, storage space and our possessions. I must admit, even though we’re working towards rational minimalism, I was a little scared for a few days about our ability to downsize and have less storage space. Now, I’m confident that this smaller home will work for our family for many years to come.

Since the day our offer was accepted, I’ve been going through our condo and finding items serving no purpose that are creating clutter in our home. With each item that leaves, I become more and more excited about downsizing!

Even if it’s a small house, it’s a beautiful house! It has hardwood floors, crown molding in a few rooms, a beautiful red door and new windows!

I’m excited about our new home but honestly, I’m even more excited about our new yard! We have a mostly flat lot with a fenced in back yard, plenty space for a garden, some woods and a pool that is completely decked around (and safe)!

I’ll be sharing glimpses of our downsizing process, moving, settling in and decorating our new home (frugally of course!) over the next few weeks.

We’re closing on our small brick ranch next Friday!




We Sold Our House

Last Friday, we sold our home! We received the check on Monday and are currently 100% debt free {since our only debt was the mortgage!}

Thank you for all of your prayers for our family during this lean time of having our house on the market and paying both rent and mortgage. We felt the prayers! We never went without anything we needed and even though money was tight, there was always enough!

It is sad knowing that the first home we owned is no longer ours, especially since it was Paxton’s first home. We’ll always have wonderful memories of living here.

For a little trip down memory lane, here are a few of the rooms in our first home:

Now, we’re looking forward to owning a new home in Georgia, especially having a yard, a garden and decorating a new home!