Planet Wise Bag Your Snack Stuff Review

Mamas of toddlers know snacks are necessary…my little man is always hungry! Having snacks for Paxton to munch on makes our outings so much more pleasant for everyone. The thing is glass {or plastic} containers are big, heavy and take up a ton of space and I refuse to buy disposable snack bags {we’re not fans of disposable things around here!}

What’s the solution? Snack Bags!!

Planet Wise has a Bag Your Snack Stuff line which includes snack bags, sandwich bags and even a sandwich wrap! These bags are perfect for on the go.

Sandwich Wrap, Window Bag & Snack Bag

We have a sandwich wrap, window bag and snack bag.

The sandwich bag is great for sending sandwiches and bread to work with my husband. It folds out and makes a nice little ‘plate’ too! One or two of these would be perfect for sending lunches to school with kids!

Around here the snack bag and the window bag get the most use! Just about every time we leave the house, one of these bags is in my purse or Paxton’s backpack {and many times I’ve got them both packed!} We pack cereal, crackers, small cookies, dried fruit, just about any snack in these. They keep the food fresh and we’ve never had any leaks.

One of the best parts is the fact that Paxton can easily hold these bags and eat his snacks out of them on his own.

Each bag is $7.99 each which may seem a little pricey but when you consider that you won’t be purchasing {and throwing away} snack bags or bringing heavy snack containers {we use glass containers, not plastic} with you on the go, they’re a fabulous investment! After several months of use, mine are showing no signs of wear and I know they have years of life left in them!

These bags would make wonderful first birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for toddlers, kids or even your eco-friendly friends and family!!

They’re useful, they’re easy to carry with you and they also come in adorable prints!


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Incorporating Scripture

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” -Joshua 24:15


Having scripture throughout our home is important. It’s powerful, encouraging, inspiring, influencing and a reminder of who we serve.

Recently, I’ve discovered and fallen in love with wall art from Urban Soul, sold at Day Spring. I love the modern look of it but most importantly I love the applicable scriptures.

My newest Urban Soul Wall Art is “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

When I received this piece I knew I loved it but I wasn’t sure what room in my house to incorporate it into. As I began thinking about this powerful scripture, I realized the perfect spot was in Paxton’s room.

This beautiful and inspiring piece goes perfect in the nursery and I hope this is one of the first scriptures Paxton learns and takes to heart!

Just last month I purchased the Urban Soul Fruit of the Spirit Wall Art to incorporate into my gallery wall. Reading the fruits of the spirit when I enter our living room reminds me of the importance of each of those qualities in the life of a Christ follower.

Do you want your own Urban Soul art? During the month of May you can get 20% off of your order with coupon code MAY20!

Do you have scripture throughout your house? What are your favorite scriptures?

*Check out more reviews of awesome Day Spring products on their (in)spired deals page!

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Bamboobies Nursing Pads + Giveaway

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Breastfeeding is by far the frugal (and green) way to feed your baby! Of course breast pads are a necessity for nursing mamas. A big question is whether to use disposable or reusable!

Before Paxton was born, I was given disposable pads which I used during the first few weeks. The disposables were uncomfortable and I was incredibly self conscious due to the ‘paper sounds’! Not to mention, I hated all the waste they created!

After those early weeks, I switched to reusables and haven’t looked back with no plans to use disposables with future babies.

There is a cost with whatever nursing pads you choose to use. I’ve invested in reusable pads which have held up through this first year of breastfeeding showing minimal wear! I prefer that to spending $10 or so on a box of disposables every few weeks.

There are all different types of reusable nursing pads but there is a quality and comfort difference! While nursing you’ll be wearing nursing pads daily so choose a soft, comfortable and absorbant pad like Bamboobies!

There are two different types of Bamboobies – Regulars and Overnights.


The regulars are heart shaped and adorable! They come in pale pink, hot pink and black. They really are soft, they’re comfortable and absorbant! The heart shaped pads shifted on me when worn right side up so I wore them upside down with minimal movement. Of course, bodies are shaped differently so you may have no problems wearing them right side up!


Overnights are round shaped, plush and incredibly soft! They are designed for heavy leakers and for those early weeks of nursing. These are the most comfortable nursing pads I have ever tried! Honestly, I love these so much that I wear them during the day. I would recommend the overnight Bamboobies to new mamas wanting to avoid disposables entirely during the first few weeks.

Buy Bamboobies:

2-pair packages of Regular Bamboobies or Overnight Bamboobies ~ $16.99

Multi-pack (a lingerie bag with one pair of Overnights and three pair of Regulars) ~ $29.99

4-pair package of Overnights (in a pink lingerie bag) ~ $29.99

Use discount code FAS20 for 20% off!


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Book Review: Really Wooly Bible Stories

We believe it’s never too early to begin sharing our faith with children. We’ve been reading Bible stories to our son since he was just a few days old and read a different story from the Bible to him every day at lunch.

The Bible story books we enjoy the most for our young son have short stories that are easy to understand and have bright illustrations. Really Woolly Bible Stories by Bonnie Rickner Johnson has all of these traits and is one of our favorite Bible Story books.

It is a padded board book which is perfect for a 9-month-old who loves playing with his books but still chews on everything. It’s a perfect size for little hands and is a great book to carry in the diaper bag.

Some of the stories include Creation, Moses, Jonah, Jesus Loves the Little Children and Jesus Death and Resurrection. Each of the stories are written in rhyme which make them fun to read and listen to! I’m looking forward to reading these stories over and over to my son as he grows and learning some of the rhymes together.

Do you love reading with your children? What are some of your favorite Bible Story books or stories to read to them?

Disclosure: I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. All opinions expressed are my own.