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Red Beans and Rice

Tonight I made my version of Red Beans and Rice. It was really good and inexpensive!


1/2 pound Smoked Sausage
1 can Red Beans
Salt and Pepper
1 cup Instant Rice


Slice sausage (I sliced thinly, then cut them in half so they would be bite sized). Heat beans and sausage, add cumin, salt, and pepper to taste (just a few shakes!) Cook the instant rice, when rice is done, stir in with beans and sausage and serve!

We like to eat this with vinegar in it to make it soupy and tonight we added hot sauce in our bowls!

I think it cost around $2.50 for this entire meal and only took 20 minutes to cook!

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Recycling Tote Bag

I just finished this recycling tote bag! It is made from canvas and I hand stitched the recycling symbol on the front.

Close up of the stitching…it’s not perfect, but that gives it character!!

This was a fun, easy and cute project! I used leftover canvas and fabric from other projects so it cost almost nothing!

Rag Throw

This weekend I made a rag throw! It is made entirely from fabric that I bought at the estate auction last weekend! It turned out really cute, not perfect by any means but I am still learning!

Ragged edges

This rag throw was really easy to make and turned out really cute!

Estate Auction Deals

We found some wonderful estate auction deals today!

This was my first estate auction and I had a wonderful time!

We made several bids and came home with a couple of boxes of fun things. I was excited about all of the fabric we purchased. We paid $7.50 for one box and $5 for another box! With our $5 box we got 4 quilt frames and a lady bought those from us for $2 which was great since I wasn’t planning on using them. We purchased everything for $10.50!!

This is my favorite!! It is a cream throw that we bought in our $5 box!!

The contents of our boxes:

  • Fabric {tons of fabric, solids & prints!}
  • 4 cookbooks
  • Baptist hymnal
  • King James Bible
  • Baptist Doctrine book

I was very pleased with everything we got for $10.50! On the way home we stopped by Goodwill and dropped off a box of pillows, fabric  and books we didn’t want. I came home and went through the rest of the fabric and washed what I wanted. I now have another box to send to Goodwill. I have a lot of sewing to do…I can’t wait! And I may even have enough fabric to make a quilt!! Everything I have kept is very useful and will be used and not just collect dust!

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