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A Mother’s Love

I’m learning more and more about a mother’s love with each passing day. I loved my son the moment I saw him, that love grows each day but lately I’ve realized how strong those feelings are.

As he grows, he’s looking less and less like a baby and more like a little boy. I find myself looking longingly at teeny tiny babies and aching to hold newborns.

This past week I held a 2-day-old and a 7-week-old, both tiny, curled up, precious little babies. Holding those tiny babies was sweet but there were no real feelings.

There is nothing like holding my son!

He’s nearly 20 pounds and looks more like he’s 1 than 7 months. He’s also very tall and his legs have to drape over my hips if I want to hold him tummy to tummy but he’s my baby!

I can’t begin to explain the feelings I have when I’m holding him but they are powerful.

I could hold him for hours while he sleeps just looking at him, admiring his tiny fingers and nose, marveling at the beauty of God’s creation and the blessing of children.

If I love him this much now and the love grows daily, I really can’t begin to imagine how much I’m going to love him in a year, 5 years or 15 years from now.

All I know is a mother’s love is strong and beautiful.


Pregnancy is amazing, beautiful and miraculous.

It’s been over 6 months since my son was born. I still look at him and at my body and I am in awe of God and His creation.

I look at pictures taken over the course of the past year and I am simply amazed at what  my body did, how it grew and allowed my son to grow and thrive.

Those first weeks and months of pregnancy there is no visible evidence whatsoever of the growing baby. Then your belly begins to grow and you finally begin feeling a tiny person move. At first there are tiny little flutters. Then there are hard kicks and hiccups.

5 weeks pregnant

The day before delivering

6 months postpartum

Some days I still feel like I should be pregnant and feel him moving. I lay down at night and think I feel a baby kicking.

Other times, I forget that I ever was pregnant and what it feels like to be pregnant- and that scares me, I never want to forget that miraculous feeling!

I’m mostly in awe at my body. I nourished this child for 9 months within my body and then exclusively for the first 6 months of his life and my body continues to nourish his and allow him to grow.

There are still visible marks of pregnancy, I have stretch marks on my lower abdomen and the linea nigra (the black line on my abdomen) remains, although it has faded. They are reminders to me of the beauty of my body- nourishing and growing a new person for the past 15 months- and the beauty and intricacy of God’s creation!

Flip Diaper System

When I first began my venture into cloth diapering, I thought the Flip Diaper System was the best choice for our family. It was less expensive than pocket diapers and easier than prefolds.

We started cloth diapering when our son was around a month old. We quickly learned breastfed baby poo and the Flip System did not work for us. We still used the system but we typically had one wear out of the cover because he would almost always poo while wearing the Flip and it would get all over the cover!

Now that he’s eating solids, we’re beginning to see the money saving benefits of the Flip System.

The Flip System::

Stay Dry Insert $4.95

One-Size Diaper Cover $13.95

Organic Insert  $7.95

*You can purchase a Cover/Stay Dry Insert for $16.95 or a Cover/Organic Insert for $19.95 (saving $1.95 over purchasing them separately).

**We purchased 2 Cover/Inserts together, 3 Stay Dry Inserts and 1 Organic Insert.

The Flip cover is a one-size adjustable cover, that “fits babies from 7-35 pounds”. Our baby had skinny legs, it didn’t fit until he hit the 10 pound mark.

Our son at 2 weeks wearing the Flip Diaper cover with a Stay Dry Insert. It was too big on his legs, babies with chunkier legs could probably wear these diapers earlier.

The stay dry insert has microfiber on one side and stay-dry suede on the other. There are lines (you can see on the left) where you fold for a small, medium or large setting.

The Stay Dry Insert inside the Flip cover. This is on the medium setting, I folded the insert on the second line and then tucked it in the cover. Now it is ready to snap on baby!

The Flip organic insert is like a pre-fold. (I was surprised when it arrived, I thought it would look just like a Stay Dry Insert just with organic cotton.)

You fold the insert according to the size your child needs.

This insert is bulkier but it is very soft and absorbant!

The Organic Insert tucked in the  Flip cover.

There are also Disposable Inserts for the Flip Diaper System, a pack of 18 is $4.95. (We have not tried them.)

I believe this system is perfect for babies on solids! If we have another child before Paxton is potty trained, we’ll probably purchase another cover and a few more inserts and use the Flip System on him and use our pocket diapers on our newborn.

How much could you save versus pocket diapers (like bumGenius)?

(It is recommended you have no less than 12 diapers in your stash.)

  • 12-bumGenius One-Size Diapers (@$17.95) = $215.40
  • 4-Flip Covers with Stay Dry Inserts (@$16.95) & 8 Stay Dry Inserts (@$4.95) =$107.40
  • Savings-$108

[We still love our bumGenius diapers because they are so easy to use, are great for cloth diapering on the go and are simple for nursery workers/babysitters/grandparents to use but the Flip System is great too!]

What are your thoughts on the Flip Diaper System?

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Favorite Baby Items

We have several favorite baby items that make life with a little one much easier. For the past 6 months we’ve used most of these items daily. Our 10 Favorite Baby Items::

1. bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers

Two Months

We’ve been using bumGenius One-Size diapers on Paxton since he was one month old. These diapers are $17.95 and have adjustable snaps so your baby can wear the same diaper from birth to potty training!

Six Months

2. Breast Pump My Medela Harmony manual breast pump has made breastfeeding easier and more comfortable! I purchased the pump to help relieve engorgement in the beginning. I use it almost every morning to have bottles to leave in the nursery as well as to store milk in the freezer for Paxton to have later. {Manual pumps are inexpensive; this pump was under $35. Another benefit to having a manual pump – I can easily pump in my car when I need to!}

3. Moby Wrap We love our Moby Wrap! It was wonderful to have when Paxton was a newborn; he slept quite a bit on his mama in the Moby. We now use it to take walks and it’s great for those days that he doesn’t want to be put down but I need to get some things done!

Three Weeks

4. Nursing Cover Breastfeeding around other people has been easy and modest with a nursing cover. I am comfortable nursing with the cover and it allows me to feed just about anywhere!

5. Baby Gowns Baby gowns are not only precious, they are much easier than sleepers! Gowns were perfect when he was a newborn and needed to be changed multiple times at night. I loved the gowns so much that we used them until he was 5 months old; they were wonderful to sleep in during the hot summer months. {Now that he’s outgrown his gowns and only sleeps in sleepers, I realize how easy the gowns make diaper changes!}

Five Months

6. Wet Bag We purchased a Planet Wise medium wet bag to use while cloth diapering on the go. I’ve realized that a wet bag is something that every mama should keep in the diaper bag! It’s perfect to put soiled clothes and bibs in; no more looking for a plastic bag when baby makes a huge mess.

7. Terry Burp Cloths My favorite burp cloths are terry burp cloths. Three terry burp cloths can fit in the same amount of space in your diaper bag that a regular one does! Not only do they make wonderful burp cloths, they also make great baby hankies when your little one has a runny nose.

8. Carter’s Bibs We have several different brands of bibs with different closures but our favorites are Carter’s bibs. These bibs fasten on the side, making them easy to use.  They are lined which keeps baby’s clothes dry and the closure will not scratch your baby!

Three Weeks


This post contains affiliate links. 

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