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Planning to Cloth Diaper 2 Babies

When I was pregnant with Paxton, I spent hours researching cloth diapers. I knew I was going to cloth diaper but I had no clue about the details of it. I read everything I could on cloth diapering and decided to purchase a few diapers to try out on my niece. After using the 3 different types of diapers, I felt more confident about cloth diapering. I was given a few more diapers as gifts but decided to wait until after Paxton arrived to invest more into the diapers. This saved me a ton of money because the diapers I liked the best before he was born were the ones I liked the least once I was diapering him!

Now that I’ve been cloth diapering for 18 months, you’d think adding a new baby into the mix wouldn’t be a big deal and I’d be able to jump right in! However, I almost feel like I’m starting over completely since I have no idea what to expect with cloth diapering two!

About 2 months ago, I did a diaper inventory and we had 24 diapers total including pockets and prefolds which lasted 3 days. I wash every other day and having a full day’s supply when I wash which is nice, I never have to worry about running out and that gives my inserts plenty of time to line dry!

Since Paxton is going through about 8 diapers a day, we need to have at least 16 for him for every other day and Weston will probably need from 10-12 a day so that’s about 24 diapers we’ll need bringing the total up to 40! That sounds like a ton of diapers and if I was going to be washing every other day it would still not be enough to give the diapers time to dry. The fact that I’m currently washing just 16 diapers per load every other day means if I was to wash diapers every other day for 2 babies, I’d have about 40 diapers in the wash which I believe would be way too many. With that said, I believe my wash routine is going to be every day and a half! I should only be washing around 26-30 diapers at a time which I think will not be too large of a load to get everything clean.

So, if I wash 30 diapers every day and a half, I still will have 10 diapers left which is half a day’s diapers for the boys, giving my others time to line dry and if the inserts are not dry when I need them,  I can always throw them in the dryer.

Here’s my diaper stash as of today {after the purchase of new diapers} ::

{33 that both boys can wear since they’re one-size diapers, 2 that Paxton* wears overnight and 4 small diapers for Weston**}

With 39 diapers, I’m almost to that ‘magic’ {at least I think} number of 40! So, at this time we really only need 1 more diaper and any more than that will just give us some extra wiggle room!

Of course, this is my plan on this side of having 2 babies…we’ll have to see how it’s going in a few months!

{And we’ve been so blessed already with a gift certificate which we used to purchase more bumGeniusdiapers which are our favorite & money for diapers and a new larger diaper pail…which we’ve yet to find but we’re on the search for the ‘perfect’ one!}

This post contains affiliate links.

Sweetbottoms Baby Sale


If you’re looking for a deal on cloth diapers this weekend or other ‘green’ gifts for your children or friends, check out Sweetbottoms Baby ! They’re offering 10% off a $30 or more purchase through Monday night when you use discount code ‘BLACKFRIDAY2011’!


Diapers on Sale*:

*GroVia: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE  (applies to AIO, Newborn AIO, Shells, & Bio Diapers)

*Rump-a-rooz Pocket Diapers: Buy 4+, Get 1 FREE; Buy 8+, Get 2 FREE; Buy 12+, Get 3 FREE; Buy 20+, Get 4 FREE

*Bottombumpers AIOs: Buy 6 solid or 4 prints, Get 1 FREE

*Econobum: Buy 1 Prefold/Cover Set, Get 1 FREE

{*If you purchase the sale diapers, the 10% off doesn’t apply.}


I took advantage of the discount code twice this weekend purchasing a few items for my boys and a few gifts!! 

{Note: I am a Sweetbottoms Baby Affiliate}

Econobum Buy 1 Get 1 Free


During the Month of November, Econobum Single Packs are Buy 1, Get 1! The Single Packs are only $9.95!!

This is an awesome deal on an inexpensive cloth diapering system. Each pack comes with a cover and a pre-fold, so you’re getting 2 covers and 2 pre-folds for less than $10!!!

We have 2 Econobum covers and 5 pre-folds {you can purchase an additional 3-pack of pre-folds for $6!} and we use them all the time!

The 2 covers we have were purchased during the last Buy 1, Get 1 deal back in February and they’re holding up great, showing little to no wear after 9 months!  {I gave the first Econobum I bought before Paxton was born to my sister and it’s still in great condition!}

As for the pre-folds, I really love the Econobum pre-folds. They’re thick, absorbant and get softer with each use.

If you’re looking into cloth diapering but don’t want to make a huge investment, the Econobum system would be a great, inexpensive start!

And, if you order from Sweetbottoms Baby, all orders ship free!


{Note: I am a Sweetbottoms Baby Affiliate}

This Busy Season

I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been somewhat quite around here these past few weeks. Other than Our Financial Story and Cloth Diaper videos, there haven’t been any posts!

Honestly, this is a busy season in my life and unfortunately this blog has been neglected. Of course, my family always comes first so I think neglecting the blog for the sake of my family is just fine!

Somehow I’m already 30 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy is absolutely flying by and I suppose I’m in a bit of denial that in 10 weeks or so we’ll have another baby.

Hitting the 3rd trimester caused my energy level to decrease and I’ve been struggling a few weeks with this. I want to get things done, I feel like there is so much to do to prepare for this baby but I really just want to nap or sit and relax. Thankfully, I noticed a slight boost in my energy level over the past week! I’m hoping it stays a few weeks so I can get our home in order and feel somewhat organized before Weston arrives.

Another thing that has kept me busy, after realizing that two cribs, a dresser and a changing table were not going to fit in the nursery, I had the brilliant {or crazy} idea that we’d do some room swapping. So, after talking it over for a few weeks with John David, we decided that we’d move into the master bedroom that was formerly the office/guest room. We moved the nursery to our old room and the office/guest room to the former nursery. Basically we moved, just within our house. We did the major rearranging just last night and still lack some settling in, organizing and decorating but I’m looking forward to some of these little projects!

Of course Paxton has kept me incredibly busy too! He was 18 months last week and is so much fun. He’s learning so much and turning into such a little boy and he has quite the personality {and style…he loves shoes, especially his boots!} I’m savoring our days together, just the two of us since I know they’re numbered. I’m taking time to snuggle and play and give him my undivided attention since I know things will never be the same. This is definitely a bittersweet thought. Just last week he fell asleep while we were reading and I just held him {and then fell asleep myself!} He also has wanted to be rocked the past two nights before bed and I just savored every moment of it.

I’m hoping to share some of my organizing and baby preparations during the course of the next few weeks! Right now we’re planning on building some shelving in our closet, I’m going to be organizing the boys closet and dresser and hopefully figure out a good baby clothing storage system {right now all the newborn-18 month clothes are in one large tub that won’t fit in the closet!} I’m also trying to decide the right number of cloth diapers we need for two and the best diaper pail for us! And of course, some simplifying around our home since I’ve found that the less stuff we have, the easier our home is to maintain and keep clean.

Thank you for continuing to read even through the times when I’m not posting much! I’m so blessed to have such amazing readers!!

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