My New Blog!

Dear Frugal and Simple Readers,

A few weeks ago, I shared that I was taking a “Spring Break” from this site and mentioned that I wanted to invest some time into a special project. That project is my new blog, Intentionally Simple!

Here’s a little background:

At the beginning of 2012, I started thinking more about my writing and the topics I was passionate about. My website at the time, Frugal & Simple, did not seem to be fitting into my vision, mainly the word frugal. {We still consider ourselves to be frugal but that word can mean so many different things. Our frugality is purchasing less but higher quality whereas most people view frugality as more for less.} I wanted to write more about living minimally and green as well as share more about parenting and our financial philosophy. I felt limited by the name Frugal & Simple.

After attending the Killer Tribes conference back in March, I was inspired to finally take a risk and start over. During our drive home late that night, Intentionally Simple was born. It’s a little scary to be leaving the comfort of this site and starting over from scratch but it’s also exciting, I feel like I have more direction now!

We were hoping to launch the new blog on May 1 but we have it ready to go now!

I’m so excited about my new space and would love to have you join me over on Intentionally Simple!

I’d love for you subscribe to Intentionally Simple via email or RSS

Thank you so much for reading Frugal & Simple and being a part of this community! I’m sad to be saying goodbye to this space but excited about Intentionally Simple!


— Rachel


Spring Break


Dear Frugal & Simple Friends,

Just wanted to let you know it will be quiet around here the next few days! I’m taking a little Spring Break from this space during the next week. It’s birthday week around here, Paxton is turning two next Monday!  I also have some special projects I want to invest some time in.

Thanks for your friendship and being part of the Frugal & Simple community. I hope you have a blessed week!


Quarterly Goal Update

Back in January, I shared my 2012 goals. I set a few simple goals for this year since we’re adjusting to life with two children!

Here is my quarterly update:

1. Read 1 book per month. I’m on top of this one! I’ve been reading a lot while nursing these days.
2. Memorize 1 verse/passage of scripture each month. Not doing so well on this one, I’m picking out a verse of the week but haven’t put forth 100% effort to memorize it and learn the reference.
3. Write at least 8 blog posts per month. I’ve been much more consistent with blogging in 2012 and have hit this goal each month!

1. Read 6 parenting books with my husband. Not doing so well. We’ve started one but haven’t even really got into it! It’s hard to make the time to read aloud together so I might take the approach of reading books separately and discussing them.
2. Daily family devotions and prayer. Since Paxton and Weston are so small, our devotion is reading a Bible story or two and praying. {There’s nothing cuter than a praying toddler!}  We do very well with this on ‘regular’ days but lately my husband’s schedule has been crazy.

1. $8,000 towards the principal of our mortgage. So far we’ve paid off a little over $2,000 which means we’re right on track since we need to pay $2,000 quarterly.
2. $1,750 towards car savings. We got off to a bit of a slow start in 2012 since we had medical bills from Weston’s birth due. We’ve saved around $300 so far towards this goal.
3. Set up a legal will. No progress made here.
4. Start college savings accounts for the boys. We’ve done nothing so far.

I’m feeling pretty good about my 2012 goal progress!

Did you set goals for 2012? How are you doing so far? 

Grocery Budget: Week Four

Throughout the month of March, I’ve shared about each of our grocery shopping trips and our  meal plans. This has been a bit of an unusual month for us since we spent over $170 of our $200 grocery budget during the first two weeks! That has made the last 2 weeks of the month a little bit more of a challenge but we’re still $10.06 under budget for the month and have not gone without, we’ve just had to be a little more creative!

We haven’t gone to the grocery store this week, instead we’re eating up what we’ve got.

Here’s a glimpse into the fridge:

Top shelf: Eggs {from our hens!}, cooked sweet potatoes {in the skillet}, bowl of shredded chicken

Middle shelf: Corn tortillas, 1/4 gallon of milk {we pulled this half gallon out of the freezer, we had put it in the freezer at the end of February when we went out of town}

Middle drawer: Cheese {we have a little more than 1/5 of the 5 pound block we purchased at the beginning of the month left!}

Bottom shelf: Leftover smoked roast, chicken stock

Bottom drawers: 1 kiwi, 1 apple, 1 plum, diced onions

Meal Plan

Homemade Granola


Tortillas & Salsa

March 27: Buffalo Chicken and BBQ Chicken Pizza
March 28: Smoked Roast with Sweet Potatoes
March 29: Leftover Night!
March 30: Out of Town
March 31: Out of Town

Having a 1/2 gallon of milk in the freezer and going out of town the last two days of the month are 2 factors in helping us stay under budget for the month of March.

This is just a glimpse into how we grocery shop and stick to our budget. Having a stocked freezer is really helpful and we plan our meals based upon what we have on hand. If we didn’t stock up on meats, it would be very hard to stick to our $200 budget! Since we are changing our eating habits, incorporating more fruits, vegetables and organic/local dairy products, I’m considering raising our grocery budget. This month has been a bit of a stretch and I was a little worried that we weren’t going to be able to stay within our budget! Of course, it seems when money is tight, you tend to get creative and use up the food that’s been in the pantry for months so it can become a bit of a fun challenge!

Since we had $10.06 left in the grocery budget during the month of March, I’ll put $10 into our “Grocery Savings” envelope that will be saved to use for making bulk purchases {like half a cow or pig!}

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