Quarterly Goal Update

Back in January, I shared my 2012 goals. I set a few simple goals for this year since we’re adjusting to life with two children!

Here is my quarterly update:

1. Read 1 book per month. I’m on top of this one! I’ve been reading a lot while nursing these days.
2. Memorize 1 verse/passage of scripture each month. Not doing so well on this one, I’m picking out a verse of the week but haven’t put forth 100% effort to memorize it and learn the reference.
3. Write at least 8 blog posts per month. I’ve been much more consistent with blogging in 2012 and have hit this goal each month!

1. Read 6 parenting books with my husband. Not doing so well. We’ve started one but haven’t even really got into it! It’s hard to make the time to read aloud together so I might take the approach of reading books separately and discussing them.
2. Daily family devotions and prayer. Since Paxton and Weston are so small, our devotion is reading a Bible story or two and praying. {There’s nothing cuter than a praying toddler!}  We do very well with this on ‘regular’ days but lately my husband’s schedule has been crazy.

1. $8,000 towards the principal of our mortgage. So far we’ve paid off a little over $2,000 which means we’re right on track since we need to pay $2,000 quarterly.
2. $1,750 towards car savings. We got off to a bit of a slow start in 2012 since we had medical bills from Weston’s birth due. We’ve saved around $300 so far towards this goal.
3. Set up a legal will. No progress made here.
4. Start college savings accounts for the boys. We’ve done nothing so far.

I’m feeling pretty good about my 2012 goal progress!

Did you set goals for 2012? How are you doing so far? 

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  1. I'm impressed by your goal progress!
    One question – how do you prioritze your financial goals?

    1. Right now we're trying to pay as much towards the mortgage as possible since we view it as debt! Of course, we also drive two 10 year old vehicles and we want to be able to replace those with cash when the time comes (hopefully in 2 years or beyond) so we know we need to continue to squirrel away a little bit to add to our car savings fund. Hope that makes sense!

  2. You're making good progress on your goals! I also set a goal to read more and I received a Kindle for Christmas which has helped me be able to do that. Since I don't need to hold a book open with it I can read while on break at work and still be able to pump/eat – it is wonderful! I also got $100 in Kindle gift cards and haven't even spent half yet so I can get many more books plus free ones!

    We didn't set specific goals this year but one goal that we have been working on is reducing debt as a long-term goal so we can buy a home. As of last month we no longer have any credit card debt!!!!!!! We paid off the final balance with part of our tax returns! It felt great. I even sent a check this time vs an online payment. The kids and I took a walk to the post office and mailed it. There was just something about dropping it physically into the mailbox – it was very freeing 🙂 Next debt to tackle – student loans and a personal loan Jason brought to our relationship. I did call for the payoff balance but we're just not there yet. I plan to cal again in a few months and see if we can do it then!

    Thanks for the post! It gave me a chance to reflect on some of the goals we've been working on for awhile now and remind me we are making progress!

    1. Woohoo!! Congrats on being credit card debt free…that's awesome!!! Good luck as you continue to work towards being completely DEBT FREE!!! 🙂 And, I'm also finding it's easier/more convenient to read on an e-reader!

  3. I enjoy reading your goals and accomplishments. It gives me a way to show my husband that life can be different if we work together on it. We didn't set any goals this year together but I have been trying to restructure my financial mind set to get us debt free and start saving.

    In regards to reading the parenting books together, my husband and I tried this but were never able to. Now we both look up our own research and have discussions. Also, our church started a Group for Parents with Young Children that meets once a month and reads different spiritual and everyday parenting books as a group. I enjoy these greatly because I am one of the younger parents who attends, seems I had children early even though I was 25 when I had my daughter. I would suggest making this suggestion at church or starting your own with friends. It makes you more accountable and you get to learn other peoples perspectives and experiences.

    1. Yay for working towards debt free living!!

      I think reading separately is the best approach! And I'm in a mom's group at church and we read through a parenting book together and I have learned so much from the mamas with older kids!

  4. I didnt realize how much I was slacking on my goals this year until I did a post on my Q1 progress. Yikes! I have done alot the past week to help with the progress, but I need to keep up with it. I have learned that many of the goals that I made for 2012 really are not measurable. I will have to keep that in mind for next year's goals. You are doing so well!

    1. We started Bringing Up Boys about 3 months ago! I've read it before but he hasn't and its full of good information about raising boys!

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