Grocery Budget: Week Four

Throughout the month of March, I’ve shared about each of our grocery shopping trips and our ย meal plans. This has been a bit of an unusual month for us since we spent over $170 of our $200 grocery budget during the first two weeks! That has made the last 2 weeks of the month a little bit more of a challenge but we’re still $10.06 under budget for the month and have not gone without, we’ve just had to be a little more creative!

We haven’t gone to the grocery store this week, instead we’re eating up what we’ve got.

Here’s a glimpse into the fridge:

Top shelf: Eggs {from our hens!}, cooked sweet potatoes {in the skillet}, bowl of shredded chicken

Middle shelf: Corn tortillas, 1/4 gallon of milk {we pulled this half gallon out of the freezer, we had put it in the freezer at the end of February when we went out of town}

Middle drawer: Cheese {we have a little more than 1/5 of the 5 pound block we purchased at the beginning of the month left!}

Bottom shelf: Leftover smoked roast, chicken stock

Bottom drawers: 1 kiwi, 1 apple, 1 plum, diced onions

Meal Plan

Homemade Granola


Tortillas & Salsa

March 27: Buffalo Chicken and BBQ Chicken Pizza
March 28: Smoked Roast with Sweet Potatoes
March 29: Leftover Night!
March 30: Out of Town
March 31: Out of Town

Having a 1/2 gallon of milk in the freezer and going out of town the last two days of the month are 2 factors in helping us stay under budget for the month of March.

This is just a glimpse into how we grocery shop and stick to our budget. Having a stocked freezer is really helpful and we plan our meals based upon what we have on hand. If we didn’t stock up on meats, it would be very hard to stick to our $200 budget! Since we are changing our eating habits, incorporating more fruits, vegetables and organic/local dairy products, I’m considering raising our grocery budget. This month has been a bit of a stretch and I was a little worried that we weren’t going to be able to stay within our budget! Of course, it seems when money is tight, you tend to get creative and use up the food that’s been in the pantry for months so it can become a bit of a fun challenge!

Since we had $10.06 left in the grocery budget during the month of March, I’ll put $10 into our “Grocery Savings” envelope that will be saved to use for making bulk purchases {like half a cow or pig!}

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19 Replies to “Grocery Budget: Week Four”

  1. How many eggs are your hens producing? Could you maybe do a post on the cost of having chickens vs. the costs of eggs? Do you use their poop for fertilizer and is that a real cost saver?

    1. We've had them a little over 3 weeks now and we've just gotten 11 eggs so far. They're younger hens and we're just getting into spring so I think those two factors are big influencers on the lack of eggs. I've been keeping records of what we're spending and the eggs they're producing and a blog post will be written sometime about it. As of right now, each egg has cost approximately $15 so it's not been economical yet! Chicken poop is very high in nitrogen so it can't be used like a composted cow/horse manure but we have used it to make a batch of 'chicken manure tea' (chicken poo/water mixed together and sits for awhile before applying to plants).

      1. I am really looking forward to your blog about chickens being economical! I want to get some again but my husband does not think we should waste the money… Feeding/watering/heating them in the dead of winter in -20 degree weather does not make them worth it. Plus, we can by fresh eggs for a $1 a dozen right down the road – they are free range and organic.

        1. I am pretty sure we wouldn't have any chickens if it was -20 here in the wintertime! And $1 a dozen for local eggs is absolutely awesome…probably much more economical than having your own!!

  2. I just have to tell you how much I love your blog! I have been a SAHM of 2 boys for almost 2 years, and I am always looking for ways to live more frugally & simply! We are making plans for a 3rd baby sometime soon (we hope!) and I am so excited about trying cloth diapers and nursing longer than I did in the past. Your posts make living simply look fun and have challenged me to minimize our household even more than I already had! =)

  3. We also have a $200 a month grocery budget and I am going to make it with $1.01 left for the month of March. Haha!
    I too am trying to live a frugal and simple life with our family and your blog is a constant encouragement! I'm finding I read it a lot and am finding ways to live a healthier and more simple life!

  4. Way to go momma! Just stumbled upon 4lb whole organic chickens marked down at target for $4.86 and after baking one tonight we have more than 1/2 of the meat leftover! I made a batch of chicken broth and got two quarts! One quart of organic chicken broth is $3 so buying a whole chicken really really helps our grocery budget and makes the chicken basically free! I LOVEEEEE the Lord and His goodness!

      1. That's awesome! So glad others are able to stock up too. I think $50 per week is amazing! We do $90 per week and I think we are going to hold steady there for April. We are down in South Louisiana and have dropped from $100 per week to $90 per week. We might be able to squeeze $80 per week, def. $85 but if we trying dropping, it won't be until May.

        1. I think this approach is the best to take if you're wanting to lower your grocery budget, just do it a little at a time! But, don't worry about comparing your budget to anybody else's…just compete with yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We have a $50 a week budget but we live in the VERY expensive Ft. Lauderdale area ๐Ÿ™ We have done really well sticking to the budget these past two months. Today, I did a bulk organic meat shop and spent $190 (eek!) but that is all other food for the next two weeks, household and personal care items and enough meat for 4 weeks. I know we will make it last but it still was painful!

  6. Way to go staying under budget! I think the last week of the month is the hardest to stretch since it seems you get down to the minimum then when we you don't have much left! I love that you are putting the extra money saved into a bulk purchase envelope – I need to do something like this! I normally just roll our savings into something else for the month but keeping the grocery money simply for groceries is a good idea.

    This was the first month in 5 months that we have been at our budget for the month! we normally always go over by at least $25 no matter how high I set it, so I am excited.

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed your weekly shopping trip posts! It is so nice to see that it is possible to eat healthy and do so frugally even without many coupons. I hope that you will continue to share your shopping expeditions, especially for local and bulk trips. My husband and I are starting to buy more things in bulk and buy more items locally as a way to eat more healthy, and seeing how others achieve this is not only helpful, but also encouraging!

    1. I'm glad you've enjoyed it! I'll probably take a month or two break from sharing but I do want to share more since my grocery spending habits, budget and meal planning are evolving!

  8. I was wondering if your food budget included house hold items like cleaning supplies, paper products, etc?

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