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Organizing in the Kitchen | Frugal & Simple

Organizing in the Kitchen

A small kitchen can be a functional kitchen but it doesn’t take much to make it very cluttered. Clutter and a small kitchen don’t go together at all! After having a baby in December, things in our little kitchen have been neglected. Sure, I was washing dishes daily and putting the dishes away but it wasn’t nice and neat and there were items cluttering the counter tops!

It was time for a little spring cleaning in the kitchen, clearing clutter and doing some scrubbing!

The kitchen sink after a good cleaning.

I washed all the dishes, scrubbed my sink, removed everything but the mixer, wheat grinder and gadget crock from the counter and washed the counter top!

We’ve been shoving bottles and cups up on this shelf and it was looking messy.

After removing a few items and tidying up, so much better!

Here’s our microwave.

Honestly, this picture does not do the ickyness justice. It was nasty. I really don’t know when the last time it was cleaned, I’m guessing before Weston was born {so probably 3 months ago!}

I finally cleaned the microwave!

It looks so much better and feels so good to have that little task knocked off of my mental to do list.

I didn’t take pictures of everything. The boys were napping and I was taking full advantage of that time by working hard in my kitchen.

Other things I accomplished:

  • Moved home canned goods to another cabinet.
  • Made a space in a cabinet for coffee supplies.
  • Organized the pantry.
  • Washed the outside of the fridge, oven and dishwasher.
  • Wiped down the cabinet fronts with a damp cloth.
  • Did a little decluttering.

Everything that left the kitchen.

A few things were recycled, a few went to the donation pile and the mason jar and cooler bag went back to where they belong!

Having a clean kitchen makes cooking more fun and keeps me motivated to keep it clean!

Is your kitchen neat and organized? Cluttered and chaotic? Or somewhere in between?  

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