Nacho Chicken Bake

Nacho Chicken Bake is the result of dinner time sneaking up on me! A few weeks ago,  5:30 rolled around way too  fast! I had laid out chicken and pinto beans for chicken tacos but with a crying baby and moody toddler, I didn’t feel like making homemade tortillas or cutting up and frying the meat.

I had to get creative!

I decided to boil the chicken and turn the pintos into refried beans.

The result was this easy and yummy Chicken Nacho Bake:


Refried Beans
Shredded Chicken 
Rotel Tomatoes


Layer chips on a pizza stone/baking dish. Add layer of refried beans over the chips, layer on chicken, top with rotel and cheese and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

Really this is one of those recipes that has endless possibilities.

Use black beans instead of refried beans. Replace the chicken with steak or taco meat. Instead of Rotel, use fresh tomatoes, salsa or pico de gallo. Once baked you can top with any favorite fresh vegetables or sour cream! {We were wishing we had an avocado to slice and put on the top!}

Quick, easy, frugal and yummy, the type of dish I love!

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  1. LOVE this idea Rachel! I love how God just steps in and inspires us to be creative in those "crunch" moments. We are in the midst of two weeks of meal plans, but I am so going to incorporate this recipe sometime this month 🙂

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