Baby Weston

Sweet baby Weston enjoying being outside on a warm and beautiful day!

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  1. Such a beautiful baby! And Rachel I was able to get the stink out of the diapers, I just followed bum genius stripping instructions! What is your opinion about the bleach though? I am a little wary about using bleach!

    1. BumGenius recommends bleaching your diapers with a 1/4 cup once a month. I know a lot of mom's on diaperswappers bleach their microfiber inserts every wash (just a cap full or two) and have no problems. If you are using cotton I would not bleach every wash, I think it would start to eat away at them 🙁

      1. Thank you Lindsey! No stripping then once in 3 months with bleach is eating me away. I don't think I could bleach with every wash. I would think the bleach would ruin it!

    2. So glad you got the stink out! I do not bleach mine monthly like they recommend, in fact I've never bleached them, just stripped and sunned them!

  2. So Cute! Did you make that quilt he is laying on? It's beautiful! What size is it? I made a quilt for my older daughter and would like to make another one for our younger daughter as a gift for her first Christmas.

  3. Oh! What a handsome charming baby!!!! I’m so so excited to have a boy in July! I hope that this picture can help you to breathe deep when the house seems to be crashing. His adorable face stopped me in my tracks! And he looks so much like you!

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