Grocery Budget: Week Two

I’m sharing a real glimpse into our grocery budget and meal planning during the month of March. Last week, we spent $89.04 of our $200 budget which is more than I like to spend at the beginning of the month but $33.54 of that was for 5 pounds of local cheese which should last another 3 or 4 weeks.

Groceries for this week:

  • Bananas $.65
  • Salsa (2) (organic) $5.98 (-$1 coupon) $4.98
  • Chickpeas (2) (organic) $1.78
  • Diced Tomatoes $.89
  • Peanuts $1.99
  • Molasses $3.19
  • Pineapple $2.50
  • Maseca $2.19
  • Tortilla Chips $1.69
  • Potato Chips $1.29

Total: $21.37

  • Vanilla (organic) $6.98
  • Dried Papaya $2.42
  • Onions (organic) $3.49
  • Dried Pineapple $5.04
  • Banana Chips $2.09
  • Olive Oil (organic) $10.98
  • Sour Cream (organic) $3.49
  • Milk (organic) $4.88

Total: $41.84

We also purchased a 5 pound bag of  potatoes for $5.70 and local honey for $13.65.

Grand Total: $82.56

{$28.40 left in the grocery budget for the month of March.}

Meal Plan

Homemade Granola


Hummus & Chips

March 12: Steak with Baked Potatoes
March 13: Ham with Mashed Potatoes, Cranberries & Whole Wheat Rolls
March 14: Leftovers
March 15: Leftovers/Snack Supper/Possibly Dinner with a Friend
March 16: Chicken Tacos
March 17: Buffalo & BBQ Chicken Pizza
March 18: Chicken Soup
March 19: Mexican  Casserole*
March 20: Veggie Soup*

*These were on last week’s menu but had leftovers one night and pizza another night so I moved these meals!


  • How do you plan your menu? I plan my menu based on what I already have and then purchase things that I need to fill in the gaps. I never come up with a menu plan without looking in our freezer, pantry and fridge first. When I’m grocery shopping, I pick up the items we need for the menu that week and will stock up on sale items or items we frequently use.
  • What does your grocery budget include? My grocery budget is only for food. We have a medical category that we use to purchase supplements, etc. and a miscellaneous budget for everything else.

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13 Replies to “Grocery Budget: Week Two”

  1. I love these posts. May I ask why your purchased organic salsa and chickpeas? I didn't think those were on the dirty dozen list – were they cheaper, or have you heard differently?

    1. They're not on the dirty dozen. The salsa was on sale and the Muir Glen products are so good…their pasta sauce is amazing {so much better than the $1 stuff I typically buy!} And the organic chickpeas weren't much more than the conventional ones so we went organic on those.

      1. I have been making hummus too. Do you have a store nearby that sells dried beans in bulk? I buy dried chickpeas, soak them overnight, then cook them in the crockpot and get lots of beans with no salt for $1.49/lb. I do this with pinto beans, great northern beans and kidney beans and freeze them in 2 cup bags.

  2. Was just curious about how you came up with your totals? When doing the math it didn't seem to add up? Just wondering, I couldn't do it on $200 month let alone buy organics. You do a great job!! Now granted, I have 4 kids and 3 of which are teenagers (and 2 that our football players!!)

    1. The totals account for tax. I should have mentioned that in the post, sorry! And I can only imagine that your grocery bills are much, much higher! Our toddler eats so much that we're probably going to have to increase the food budget pretty soon! And I am afraid to think of what it will be in 10-15 years with 2 boys (and probably more kids in the mix too!) We'll have to have a huge garden!!

  3. Our budget is $250/month, but that is just on food. We have a seperate budget for household items and for "entertainment" which is eating out / dates. I cook 3-5 times a week, and hubby cooks the other days (on his days off). There isnt a real menu plan, but we get creative with what we have on-hand. If we are getting low on groceries in the pantry and fridge, I go to and I always seem to find a recipe on a whim.

    1. Thanks for sharing the! I'll have to check it out. I enjoy those nights when I can be creative with the leftovers and other things we have!!

  4. I just made a two week meal plan – tonight was SO easy because I knew what I was cooking. I never realized how stressed/worried I was about supper until I didn't have to worry! 🙂
    I think ya'll are doing great too!
    P.S. Our local honey for that size is only $8! I'm thinking I should never complain about that price again!!!!

    1. It is so much nicer when you know what's for dinner! Since Weston was born, I've been slowly getting back into the meal planning habit and it is making life so much easier! Although I really need to work on laying meat out to thaw in the mornings instead of after lunch! And I'm slightly jealous of your $8 honey!

      1. Oh! I really had to laugh out loud about the meat thawing – I am so tickled we are both so notorious for that! Whew! Takes the pressure off 🙂

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