Packing Organization: Part Two

Packing Organization: Part One

Having a master packing list is the key to packing organization.

Think about the time that’s wasted coming up with a packing list each and every time you travel. You always bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, undergarments and other necessities. Instead of writing those things out on a list for each trip, have a master list that you can refer to for the basics and then customize it for special trips.

Our master packing list*:



-Extra top

-Undergarments {panties, undershirts, bras, socks,nursing pads}





-Contact solution/case/glasses








-Teddy/Baby Doll/Blanket





-Burp Cloths


-Pocket Diapers

-Wet Bags {large & medium}





-Chargers {cell phone, computer}


When it comes time to pack, just pull out your list and add quantities specific to your trip. And the “other ” category can be used to customize for different types of trips such as to the beach where you’d add swimming suits and towels or a ski trip where you’d add coats, gloves, hats and scarves.

Here’s an example from our trip this past weekend:


-Outfits (4) {2 for the days we’re gone and 2 for accidents since he is 22 months!}

-Pajamas (1 pair)

-Socks (3)

-Shoes (boots) {He’s wearing his tennis shoes on the drive up}

-Teddy/Baby Doll/Blanket

Where to store your  master packing list:

  • Typed on your computer. Print a copy off and check off the items as you pack.
  • Written out on your planner. Just go straight down the list to make sure you have everything.
  • A laminated copy. Keep it on the fridge or your home management binder. When it’s time to pack, grab the list and a dry erase marker and check off as you pack.
  • As a note on your smartphone/tablet. Just pull out your phone and pack!

Do you have a master packing list? Do you think a master packing list will simplify packing for trips?

*I excluded my husband since his is similar to mine but he is included on my actual list!

4 Replies to “Packing Organization: Part Two”

  1. I made one years ago, but I printed it out and put it in a plastic sleeve. I didn't laminate ours because, we don't have a laminator and it was changing frequently with addition of children and then them not using diapers etc. So I would just change and print out a new one.
    Now that my kids are older, they want to pack for themselves. I just put the number of items they should pack and they do the rest. They use a dry erase marker to draw a line through the items they have already packed as they go along and are packed in record time with almost no help from mom. They usually want to pack a week ahead of departure so I let them, it keeps them happy and less work for mom.

    1. A plastic sleeve makes much more sense! I remember when I was growing up, we traveled fairly infrequently and I always loved packing for trips, it was so much fun! {My how things change!!}

  2. This is so timely. We are traveling for Easter and I am already turning-over a list in my head. This looks like a good generic list.

  3. I have a packing list in a notebook. It does save so much time. A friend who has to travel frequently because of her husband's job bought another set of everything they needed and keeps their cases packed at all times!

    I keep a travel section in my wardrobe where I put anything I get that will be useful for future trips. If I get given some shampoo samples or if I get a Christmas gift set of mini bottles of toiletries I save them. On my last few trips I had enough sample sachets to last the whole time. It saved so much space in the cases.

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