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Packing Organization: Part One

Packing for trips has become hard since becoming a parent. I tend to put packing off until the last minute. The procrastination just leads to stress, unpleasantness and a bad attitude about our trip.

With an hour or two before our planned departure, I’m scratching out lists to try to avoid forgetting something, throwing stuff in suitcases and overpacking. We finally get everything together and into the car past the time  we had planned. My husband and I are both feeling the stress by this point and inevitably, about 30 minutes into our drive we realize we forgot something.

Two weeks ago, we were preparing to spend the weekend at my parents’ home. Our first trip with Weston, packing for four and traveling with cloth diapers for two babies. I was not looking forward to our trip at all.

Instead of following my typical packing procedure, I began writing out my packing list days before the trip. The result of planning was a detailed list! The day before our departure, I completed about 90% of our packing, only leaving the necessities like toothbrushes, Paxton’s blanket and wipes unpacked.

The next day, after our morning routine, I finished packing and we were ready to go, stress free! The most amazing thing, we had packed less for two children {including their cloth diapers} than with one!

I realized packing organization was the key to stress free departures.

Since we were planning to visit my husband’s family the following weekend, I decided to keep my packing list since we would need the exact same things the following weekend.

When it came time to pack for that trip, I pulled out my packing list, grabbed our suitcase and begin checking items off of the list. Again, we departed happily, looking forward to our trip with no stress or tension between us.

Having a master packing list is so simple yet so helpful. You typically pack the exact same things so why write out a list over and over? Instead, have a master packing list you can refer to.

The next time you’re preparing to go on a trip, write out your list a few days early to make sure it’s all inclusive. Then after you use it to pack, keep it to make the process easier for your next trip.

To be continued…

Are you an organized packer? Or do you tend to procrastinate?