2012 Goals

I love setting goals and achieving them! I enjoy the challenge some goals present as well as the accountability that comes with having them written down.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2012 for a few months now. Knowing that I’m starting the year as a mama to two, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a ton of goals. I decided to keep things very simple this year but if I achieve each and every goal on my list for 2012, that will still be quite an accomplishment!

Goals for 2012:

1. Read 1 book per month.
2. Memorize 1 verse/passage of scripture each month.
3. Write at least 8 blog posts per month. {I want to be more consistent with blogging this year!}

1. Read 6 parenting books with my husband.
2. Daily family devotions and prayer.

1. $8,000 towards the principal of our mortgage.
2. $1,750 towards car savings.
3. Set up a legal will. {I believe this has been a goal for 3 years now! 2012 will be the year!}
4. Start college savings accounts for the boys.

So that’s it, they’re fairly simple this year and completely do-able! The financial goals make me a little nervous. Mathematically paying $8,000 towards the mortgage and $1,750 towards car savings, doesn’t work with my husband’s salary but with my transcribing, selling things and being creative, we hope we can achieve these goals!

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  1. Great goals! I tend to play it safe with goals so the financial goals not mathematically matching would probably scare me away right from the start! It's great that you have the courage to try it! I tend to get a little hard on myself when I don't achieve goals so mine are always "easy". I'm hoping to set more challenging goals this year. We haven't made any yet…I figure as long as we set them this first week of 2012 we are doing ok! I better start to jot some down throughout the day so we are ready to pick and choose the ones we hope to achieve!

    Good luck this year in meeting your goals! You can do it!

    1. We typically play it safe too but we decided a challenge would be kind of fun! I'm hoping to sell some stuff to apply towards the mortgage/car savings too! Have fun with picking your goals for 2012!! 🙂

  2. Great goals, Rachel!
    And wow, $8,000 off the mortgage-that would be great!
    I am praying for you and the family. I know you can accomplish these goals!

    1. It's a lofty goal but a challenge can be fun! We'll see how it goes! {I'm hoping to turn some of our clutter into cash to apply towards the mortgage!!} Thanks for the encouragement too! 🙂

  3. I love your blog but I have a few questions.

    1. What would you do in the event an older car needed repairs that out valued the car? Meaning the repairs cost more than what the car is worth? Would you do the repairs or would you look for a new vehicle? I had this same situation a few years ago and I found that I could lease a car for almost two years compared to what the repair costs were. I've worked hard to maintain good credit, so that was an option for me. Is this something you consider as your family gets larger?

    2. Have you looked at your car insurance policy lately? I found by shopping around, I got the same coverage with another company for almost 10 percent less. That's a great way to put money toward other potential car costs. Each state varies in what they require, but you might find an aging car might not need comprehensive and collision insurance. Have you thought about getting the minimum? I'm not sure about your situation but that's one way that's helpful in cutting costs in my family.

    3. Do you think when your children are of school age you might increase your part-time work to make more income? I found as my children got older I was able to increase my work hours and help around the house a bit more financially. Plus, it's nice to not have to "rely" on my husband in the event I wanted to spend $50 on a new outfit from the store on the rare occasion to treat myself. Driving to our local Kohl's once every few months just to look (normally in the clearance aisle!) does wonders for me personally and gives me some "me" time.

    4. What do you do for entertainment that is frugal and doesn't break the bank? Do you do things yourself outside of your church and family? Are you involved in local clubs or anything? Do you socialize with other women your age? i find it's hard to get a night every so often to meet up with friends. How do you do it?

    1. Here's some answers!! 🙂

      1. If we needed repairs that were more than the value of the car we'd probably get rid of the car. We currently have 2 vehicles now so if one of them didn't make financial sense to repair we'd probably be a 1 car family for a while until we could save enough cash to purchase a replacement. {And if the family car was the one that we were getting rid of, we'd probably sell my husbands truck & use that money plus savings to purchase another family vehicle and be a one car family until we could save up enough for a second vehicle.} If we do have another baby, we'll definitely need a new {to us!} car because there's not room for 3 car seats in our small SUV!

      2. Our car insurance is very reasonable! When we moved to Georgia last fall we shopped around and were able to shave over $100 off of car insurance!

      3. Right now I'm planning on homeschooling our children at least through elementary and middle school, possibly high school so there's no plan to increase part time work at this point but of course plans could change! We're currently using all of my part time income {after tithes} to pay down the mortgage so once we get the house paid off, if I'm still doing that, it will be 'fun' money!! 🙂

      4. Since my husband works at our church, we're very involved there! We lead a small group in our home with other young couples and I attend a mom's group at church every Wednesday morning! Ideas for frugal entertainment, we were given a membership to the local children's museum so that's free family fun! We have a swimming pool which provides hours of entertainment in the summer and is a great gathering place for friends. My husband and I enjoy eating out {we have $40 a month set aside for entertainment/eating out and we often try to see how many fun little things we can do with that, sometimes it's as simple as happy hour at sonic or steak n shake!} And we're both quite content to just be at home with each other, watching a TV show or just talking!

  4. We tend toward slightly aggressive but possible goals. This should be good motivation for you to keep plugging away at the side jobs. I wish you guys the best of luck.

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