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Bringing in Extra Money by Selling Stuff | Frugal & Simple

Bringing in Extra Money by Selling Stuff

We like living a clutter free, somewhat minimal life and due to this, it seems we’re constantly de-cluttering. {I really don’t know where the stuff comes from!}

After a thorough de-clutter sweep, we often will list items on Craigslist or tell friends we have things for sale in an attempt to turn our clutter into cash.

Here’s a few items we’ve recently sold:

  • $50 :: Outgrown/out of season baby clothing at a local resale store. {We’re putting this money into Paxton’s college fund!}
  • $85 :: Desk we no longer needed via Craigslist.
  • $100 :: Yard Sale
  • $10 :: Crib Mobile
  • $10 :: Boots
  • Total: $255
  • $50 of this went into Paxton’s savings but the other $205 we’ll probably use to make an extra principal payment {since our home is the only debt we have}.

    I also ‘traded’ some outgrown baby clothing and gear at the resale store for store credit. I ended up with over $100 in credit which has been nice for purchasing items for the boys. So far I’ve purchased pajamas and shoes for Paxton and bodysuits, an outfit and bibs for Weston. I also purchased a Baby K’tan wrap with store credit. Even after all of these purchases, I still have over $50 in store credit!

    As nice as it is to have a clutter free home, it’s even nicer when you can turn some of that clutter into cold hard cash and store credit for items you need.

    What about you, do you make any attempts to sell your clutter?