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Repairing bumGenius Leg Elastic | Frugal & Simple

Repairing bumGenius Leg Elastic

Since we’ve been cloth diapering Paxton for over 18 months, some of our diapers were showing a little wear. The only issue was bad leg elastic. It was gaping on Paxton and there was no way these diapers would fit Weston {and contain anything!} Thankfully, I found an amazing and easy tutorial on repairing bumGenius leg elastic! I followed the tutorial┬ástep by step and over the course of about 2 weeks I fixed the elastic in my 10 oldest hook & loop diapers. {Working on them at night after Paxton was tucked in bed!} Here’s the results: The left side is has been repaired, you can see the difference in the length of the elastic! An inside shot. {I’m really amazed that these are 18+ month old diapers, they really look almost new…and no, I don’t use any liners!} Here’s a close up of the inside of the elastic. Again, the left side is the new elastic and the right is the ‘shot’ elastic’. The first diaper I repaired took the longest and from there on it was easy, just took some time! It was completely worth the time invested to get some more life out of these diapers. They fit Paxton so much better! There’s no gaping around the legs and I’m confident they’ll fit Weston too. We’ve had no leaking issues with the PUL after the repairs {I was a bit worried about that but it hasn’t been an issue.} If your diapers are in need of a little repair, check out the tutorial! It’s really easy!

{Note: I am a Sweetbottoms Baby Affiliate}