Planning to Cloth Diaper 2 Babies

When I was pregnant with Paxton, I spent hours researching cloth diapers. I knew I was going to cloth diaper but I had no clue about the details of it. I read everything I could on cloth diapering and decided to purchase a few diapers to try out on my niece. After using the 3 different types of diapers, I felt more confident about cloth diapering. I was given a few more diapers as gifts but decided to wait until after Paxton arrived to invest more into the diapers. This saved me a ton of money because the diapers I liked the best before he was born were the ones I liked the least once I was diapering him!

Now that I’ve been cloth diapering for 18 months, you’d think adding a new baby into the mix wouldn’t be a big deal and I’d be able to jump right in! However, I almost feel like I’m starting over completely since I have no idea what to expect with cloth diapering two!

About 2 months ago, I did a diaper inventory and we had 24 diapers total includingΒ pockets and prefolds which lasted 3 days. I wash every other day and having a full day’s supply when I wash which is nice, I never have to worry about running out and that gives my inserts plenty of time to line dry!

Since Paxton is going through about 8 diapers a day, we need to have at least 16 for him for every other day and Weston will probably need from 10-12 a day so that’s about 24 diapers we’ll need bringing the total up to 40! That sounds like a ton of diapers and if I was going to be washing every other day it would still not be enough to give the diapers time to dry. The fact that I’m currently washing just 16 diapers per load every other day means if I was to wash diapers every other day for 2 babies, I’d have about 40 diapers in the wash which I believe would be way too many. With that said, I believe my wash routine is going to be every day and a half! I should only be washing around 26-30 diapers at a time which I think will not be too large of a load to get everything clean.

So, if I wash 30 diapers every day and a half, I still will have 10 diapers left which is half a day’s diapers for the boys, giving my others time to line dry and if the inserts are not dry when I need them, Β I can always throw them in the dryer.

Here’s my diaper stash as of today {after the purchase of new diapers} ::

{33 that both boys can wear since they’re one-size diapers, 2 that Paxton* wears overnight and 4 small diapers for Weston**}

With 39 diapers, I’m almost to that ‘magic’ {at least I think} number of 40! So, at this time we really only need 1 more diaper and any more than that will just give us some extra wiggle room!

Of course, this is my plan on this side of having 2 babies…we’ll have to see how it’s going in a few months!

{And we’ve been so blessed already with a gift certificate which we used to purchase more bumGeniusdiapers which are our favorite & money for diapers and a new larger diaper pail…which we’ve yet to find but we’re on the search for the ‘perfect’ one!}

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  1. I feel like I keep hitting you up with questions, but I'm wondering how you wash your cloth diapers? I've read you shouldn't use regular detergent because it keeps your diapers from performing as they should? I use Purex right now and I was planning on making homemade detergent, but should I change this?

    1. As far as detergent goes, you need something that is cloth diaper safe. Different manufacturers recommend different things. If you go to, anything listed on their website under laundry is approved for use on their products. {BumGenius, Flip, Econobum}. Using regular detergent will often cause build up in your diapers which can cause them to leak or smell horrible! I've been using Charlie's Soap and it's been great but I may be changing since Cotton Babies doesn't recommend it and I have some new diapers that I want to stay under the 1 year warranty. {Their products are guaranteed for 1 year if you follow their recommendations.}

      My wash routine: I do a cold rinse cycle, a hot wash with detergent, after that hot wash I remove all of my covers/pocket diapers and then do another hot wash without detergent to make sure all the detergent is out of the microfiber inserts.

      Hope this helps! And don't feel bad about asking questions at all, I'm more than happy to help you out!! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Rachel, You may have posted about this before so I'm sorry if I don't recall. But I'm seriously considering using cloth diapers with my next child and I have to admit, I don't really know much about HOW to clean them. (Some of which you answered in the comment above) But what i mean is…..what exactly do you do with the poop ones? Ha ha, I feel silly typing "poop" but hey, I'd really like to know! πŸ™‚ I know it may be a bit TMI but if you could one day post a step by step on that, it really would be useful as I do not know anyone personally who uses cloth diapers. Thanks! (PS – take your time. I'm not even pregnant with my second yet!)

    1. This was my main question too before I started cloth diapering!! When babies are exclusively breastfed, the poo doesn't have to be washed off of the diaper before being put in the diaper pail/washer. I however always rinsed mine with a diaper sprayer {that we made, I spray my diapers off in the tub/shower}. Once he started on solids, I was able to just dump the solid waste into the toilet and then put the diaper into the diaper pail. Now, if the poo is not quite solid, I'll dump what I can in the toilet and rinse the rest off with the diaper sprayer. It's not exactly fun but it's not as gross as it seems…I was scared I'd be gagging but it doesn't bother me since he's my kid!! If there is anything left on the diapers, that's what the cold rinse cycle is for! I've never had any staining issues…my diapers look fabulous still!

  3. I looked up the list like you suggested and I didn't recognize any of the brands they recommend! I am meeting with a friend who cloth diapers here locally this week so that I can ask her how she diapers on a budget here where we live with limited resources and where water isn't that cheap. I'm not sure about running three cycles per load– for us that could be super expensive. We'll see– I'm not giving up yet!

    1. I honestly didn't notice a big jump in water usage when we started cloth diapering. Even now, our water bill is pretty low and the chart that goes along with our water bill to show usage has us down as a 2 person household as far as water consumption goes {with washing a load of diapers every other day plus all the laundry that comes with having a toddler!!}. The detergent does seem expensive but it lasts a long time! And, I'm not sure but if you're going to be using prefolds exclusively you might be able to use a more 'mainstream' detergent. A lot of the issues with detergent buildup is with microfiber fabrics. Your local friend will be your best resource I'm sure to answer these questions for you! πŸ™‚

    1. When we started cloth diapering, we did not see a huge hike in our water bill or usage. We are pretty conservative with water {don't take long showers, don't leave water running while brushing teeth, etc.} and even now as a 3 person household washing cloth diapers every other day, our water usage according to our water company is that of a 2 person household.

  4. I am interested in how this goes as we are awhile behind on this adventure (cloth diapering and planning for #2). Seems like having 2-3 days of diapers at a normalish use rate would be important. Sometimes the laundry doesn't get done as promptly as we would like, life happens. We do keep some disposables around as a backup.

    1. I'm hoping it goes as smoothly as it sounds written out! I definitely want to have enough diapers to where I don't feel stressed about doing diaper laundry! With that said, laundry is one area that I do really good in, I never get behind on my diaper laundry {I really don't want those dirty diapers sitting in the pail for more than 2 days…I can imagine the ammonia would just about knock me down!} We do have a few Gerber pre-folds that we have on hand for burp cloths/ wiping runny noses/ sticking in diapers as a doubler at times that can be used in a pinch if all the pockets and pre-folds are dirty/in the wash!

  5. I went ahead and ordered 2 more econobums with the sale! This will help me to be able to diaper for two whole days with doing a load every day. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can have enough to not have to wash every day! Thanks for the encouragement about the water usage– we don't use a lot of water in the winter, but because we live in a semi-arid desert, summer can get pricey trying to keep anything alive outside. πŸ™‚ I know overall, we will cut our diapering costs. There is just a lot more to think about than I anticipated! I'm learning that's the way of things with parenting. πŸ™‚

    1. It can be quite overwhelming at first! And honestly, I went to a cloth diaper party {a company called Everything Birth has consultants that do home parties…it was neat} recently and I was overwhelmed by all the different types of diapers there are that I'm not familiar with! That's why I just stick with a few different brands to keep it simple…especially for my hubby {he reaches for a BumGenius with hook&loop every time he changes Paxton!!} How do you like the Econobums so far? It's such an awesome sale, I was tempted to get a couple more but I already have plenty diapers!! πŸ™‚

  6. You know, the econobums are the only cloth diapers I’ve ever tried so I don’t have anything but disposables to compare them to. They get the job done! I don’t like how the snaps push up against Molly’s skin though. If she wakes up from nap after sleeping on her belly, there are little red circles across her waist! I ask her if it hurts and she says no, but I don’t like that part. I’m hoping I’ll be able to purchase all in ones at some point in time. In the mean time, I’ve been able to cut our use of disposables to just 1-2 a day and wipes to 1-2 a day. (I made some fabric ones too!) My husband is convinced that cloth is the way to go now! πŸ™‚

    1. Paxton sometimes has the marks on his waist too, they don't seem to bother him. You could try pushing the pre-fold up a little more or use a snappi to the pre-fold on. Check out frequently for seconds/used bumGenius diapers. They typically sell the seconds for about $10 and the used/repairable {things like elastic needing replaced/velcro} for about $6. They don't come with inserts but you can always stuff with pre-folds!! That's awesome you've cut your disposable use down so much, I'm sure you're seeing huge savings already!!

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