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An Even Smaller Closet | Frugal & Simple

An Even Smaller Closet

Last weekend, we did some room swapping! We moved Paxton to the room we were using, we moved into the master and the guest room/office into the old nursery.

To make the master closet work for us and hold everything, John David had to build some shelving. There were already two shelves in the closet so he had to make 2 more {which you can see in this before shot since they’re unpainted!} He knocked this little project out in about 30 minutes and then I spent an hour painting the shelves the next day.

It’s amazing what simple shelves do to a tiny closet! They not only give you more room, they give the closet a ‘custom’ look, all on a budget!

Here’s the after:

Painted shelves and an organized closet!

This closet is actually a few inches smaller than our previous closet which posed a bit of a challenge but it was nothing that couldn’t be remedied with a little bit of de-cluttering! We both got rid of a few clothing items that were ill fitting or worn out.

I can’t help but love the fact that we have a teeny, tiny closet {compared to most folks standards} yet it has ample room for our minimal wardrobes!


For comparison, here’s the bigger closet in our previous room. They’re very similar but if you look closely you can tell the size difference in the two.

How big is your closet? Do you have a walk-in that’s full of unworn items, a teeny closet that busting at the seams or a neat or a closet that is just the right size for you?