This Busy Season

I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been somewhat quite around here these past few weeks. Other than Our Financial Story and Cloth Diaper videos, there haven’t been any posts!

Honestly, this is a busy season in my life and unfortunately this blog has been neglected. Of course, my family always comes first so I think neglecting the blog for the sake of my family is just fine!

Somehow I’m already 30 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy is absolutely flying by and I suppose I’m in a bit of denial that in 10 weeks or so we’ll have another baby.

Hitting the 3rd trimester caused my energy level to decrease and I’ve been struggling a few weeks with this. I want to get things done, I feel like there is so much to do to prepare for this baby but I really just want to nap or sit and relax. Thankfully, I noticed a slight boost in my energy level over the past week! I’m hoping it stays a few weeks so I can get our home in order and feel somewhat organized before Weston arrives.

Another thing that has kept me busy, after realizing that two cribs, a dresser and a changing table were not going to fit in the nursery, I had the brilliant {or crazy} idea that we’d do some room swapping. So, after talking it over for a few weeks with John David, we decided that we’d move into the master bedroom that was formerly the office/guest room. We moved the nursery to our old room and the office/guest room to the former nursery. Basically we moved, just within our house. We did the major rearranging just last night and still lack some settling in, organizing and decorating but I’m looking forward to some of these little projects!

Of course Paxton has kept me incredibly busy too! He was 18 months last week and is so much fun. He’s learning so much and turning into such a little boy and he has quite the personality {and style…he loves shoes, especially his boots!} I’m savoring our days together, just the two of us since I know they’re numbered. I’m taking time to snuggle and play and give him my undivided attention since I know things will never be the same. This is definitely a bittersweet thought. Just last week he fell asleep while we were reading and I just held him {and then fell asleep myself!} He also has wanted to be rocked the past two nights before bed and I just savored every moment of it.

I’m hoping to share some of my organizing and baby preparations during the course of the next few weeks! Right now we’re planning on building some shelving in our closet, I’m going to be organizing the boys closet and dresser and hopefully figure out a good baby clothing storage system {right now all the newborn-18 month clothes are in one large tub that won’t fit in the closet!} I’m also trying to decide the right number of cloth diapers we need for two and the best diaper pail for us! And of course, some simplifying around our home since I’ve found that the less stuff we have, the easier our home is to maintain and keep clean.

Thank you for continuing to read even through the times when I’m not posting much! I’m so blessed to have such amazing readers!!

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  1. Rachel,
    Suzette here.
    I have been reading Frugal & Simple for a few months now and I thoroughly enjoy each post. We have found inspiration through you to embrace minimalism (which I now realize my husband naturally is a minimalist!) and we are having our first true garage sale this weekend. We are in Louisiana, but we are so very much on similar pages! The Lord has often used your words and thoughts to bring me consolation, inspiration, comfort and affirmations. Thanks for sharing! Have fun rearranging! Our 1,100 sq ft home has only two bedrooms, but we have done room swapping ourselves! Enjoy the soft movements of your wee one within and know God will give you all grace and peace necessary to transition from one to two!

    1. Suzette, thanks for this sweet comment! It's always nice to hear that my posts are enjoyed and most importantly helpful and encouraging! Best wishes with your garage sale, it's so wonderful watching people take your clutter away and turning it into a little cash!! 🙂 The rearranging hasn't been as difficult as I thought but there's still quite a bit of work to do and honestly, I just want to purge more after shuffling stuff around the house!

      1. You're quite welcome! Amen to the garage sale – I'm SHOCKED at how much "stuff" has been hiding in our home. I have been rearranging pieces of our home (large and small) so much lately that my husband has asked me and our sweet baby girl, Rita, (9 months old) to take more trips to mass and to visit the library! ha! I had to laugh at that request. 🙂 I think the rearranging is part of motherhood at home – we see the same space over and over. My wheels are always turning! Anyway, yes, enjoy a second purge! Maybe a few laundry basket walks around the house? Have a beautiful day!

        1. I think we have so much in common! I had to laugh at the laundry basket walks, I totally do that! I'll challenge myself to fill up a laundry basket or two some days!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Amy Lynne! I am so shocked that I'm this far into this pregnancy, Paxton's seemed to creep by and this one is flying. Thankfully I've had more energy this week, I'm just hoping it stays for a few more weeks!!

    1. Thank you! I suppose quality is much better than quantity! If I don't have anything worthwhile to share or enough time to write a good post, I'll just not write, that's why it's so quiet around here sometimes!

  2. Such a cute picture of you! (And Paxton too!) It seems like just yesterday you made your announcement! Will Weston be a Christmas baby or a New Year’s baby?

    1. It does seem like yesterday we found out, I cannot believe how fast the weeks are passing by! He's due December 31! I'm kind of hoping that he'll be born in January though, something about January seems less Christmas-y to me! 🙂

  3. You look great! I have two little ones for two weeks now and it is definately a whole new ball game for us but it's so great! Sounds like you guys are keeping very busy preparing! Take care and enjoy the next ten weeks!

    1. Congrats on baby Joseph, he's beautiful! And 8 pounds 12 ounces seems huge, funny how your first changes your perspective! {I view any baby under 8 pounds as tiny!} I hope the adjustment to life with 2 has been easy, that's what I'm most anxious about but I know I'll be able to handle it!

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