A Smaller Closet

This is our closet. We have a small closet, at least compared to the closets we’ve had in our other homes!

By most people standards, it’s way too small! We weren’t concerned about it when we moved in since we don’t have many clothes!

What’s hanging up is all of our clothes! We also have our winter coats hanging up on the ends. The only clothes that are in ‘storage’ are my non-maternity pants and winter shirts {which you can see stored on the top shelf!}

We did have a walk-in closet in the last house we owned! It was huge, at least by our standards! This is just a glimpse of the back and all of our coats! {We had too many coats!} The two sides were filled with clothes. We’ve definitely minimized our wardrobes since moving from this house!

Part of the functionality of this small closet is all the shelves! John David added this high shelf a few weeks ago so I’d have a place to store my non-maternity clothes!

If you have a small closet that is busting at the seams and unorganized, I challenge you to do a thorough de-cluttering of your clothing! If you haven’t worn something in the past year, let it go! Also, if it’s uncomfortable or you don’t feel confident in it, let it go! You’ll be much happier to have a closet that is less cluttered and only filled with clothes you love and that make you feel good!

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  1. You have seriously inspired me with this post! We don't have a big closet either (it's only a bit bigger than yours), but we really need to go through all the clothing we don't wear anymore. It's something you just have to keep doing to keep things in check and it's been about 6 months since I done any decluttering, so things are starting to get out of hand again.

    I wish we could get rid of some of our coats, but we live in a very cold region with long winters, so multiple coats are kind of a necessity.

    1. Lately it seems I've been going through our house almost monthly and getting rid of stuff…I suppose it's nesting! 🙂 If I don't stay on top of it, it gets out of control (which amazes me since we don't shop a lot at all!) We are blessed that we live in a warmer area and don't have the need for a lot of winter wear which is bulky! Happy closet cleaning!

  2. Did I notice that your clothes are on white hangers and your husbands are on black? Does that help keep things cleaner or easier to sort? We have a tiny closet and I am looking for ANY ideas!! Thanks!

    1. Yes, we have separate colors. There is no real reason why we have the two different colors. We only have a select number of hangers so once we have more clothes than will fit on hangers, it means it's automatically time to purge a few items. Also, I just think it looks neater than having multiple mismatched hangers throughout the closet! {I am a big of a neat freak though!}

  3. Great post! I constantly struggle with our closet. We have a huge closet in our 1970's house, which is a big part of why we bought the house. 🙂
    Along with our clothes, which I've scaled down considerably since we moved in last year, we have my crafting items, household items, kitchen items, wedding gifts. So it's not completely packed but when we found out about baby #2 I had to move most of what was in her soon-to-be closet into ours (it was our stuff anyways) to make room for her stuff. After I'm done being pregnant I'll go through my clothes again and scale down more b/c I'm sick of the clutter, plus I don't wear all my tops and pants, and start with a fresh new wardrobe. I hope to buy a few nice pieces of clothing and use them with different looks and have less tops, etc b/c of that change. I'm going with more scarves, jackets and sweaters over these tops, making the outfits more versatile. 🙂

    1. It is somewhat of a blessing to not have a ton of room since you have to get rid of stuff since there's nowhere to store it! I think that's why we had so much in our old closet. I'm also already thinking about my post-pregnancy wardrobe. As I'm outgrowing things now, I'm really evaluating whether I want to hold on to them or go ahead and toss them now! I've found that having less clothes makes it so much easier to dress! Although right now I'm incredibly minimal when it comes to pants…I currently have 2 pair of jeans, 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of black dress pants & 2 pair of black stretchy pants that fit. It's a bit of a challenge but do-able as a stay at home mama {of course at the same time it's refreshing to not have much more than I need!}

  4. It is funny that I just read this, because before I turned on the computer this evening, I cleaned out my armoir. We have side by side closets (his and hers) and we both have armoirs. I am donating quite a few pieces of clothing from the armoir, but I still have to go through the closet! Eek! I forgot about some of the clothes in the armoir because they were buried! Hopefully this weekend I can get to the closet. Your closet looks great! I really need to hire you to organize our house! 🙂 You do such a wonderful job!

    1. Hope your weekend closet cleaning went well!! Before I graduated college, I dreamed of becoming a professional organizer! Maybe once my children get older… 🙂

  5. Wow! Great closet! You have motivated me to sort through my closet! I have about 100 clothing items in mine right now and I still feel it is too many! Could you break down the number of items you have (how many pants, shirts, dresses)?

    1. Currently, I'm in a weird phase since I'm pregnant and wearing most of my maternity clothes and several of my regular shirts/dresses. Here are the numbers though: 15 short sleeve tops (both maternity & regular), 3 long sleeve/3/4 tops. 2 pair maternity dress pants, 1 pair maternity capris, 3 skirts, 8 dresses/tunic tops, 3 light jackets, 3 winter coats, 2 pair leggings, 4 pair maternity jeans., 10 regular & maternity sweaters/cardigans. I also have about 5 t-shirts for sleeping, 2 pair of pj pants and 5 pair lounge pants. This has inspired me, once I've had this new baby and am about 6 months postpartum and hopefully back into my regular clothes (or a new regular size!) I'll write a detailed post about my somewhat 'minimal' wardrobe!

  6. I love your closet! I've been minimizing my wardrobe over the past few months and have really downsized. Over the weekend, we went through hubby's clothing and simplified and minimized even more. It's such a great feeling to simplify! 🙂

  7. Hey Rachel,
    I really enjoy your blog and especially love rummaging through the archives. I am very inspired by the concept of minimalism – such a great way to simplify and unite ourselves to our brother and sisters around the globe who have so little. I am on a journey to minimize//simplify, but having some trouble letting go of sentimental furniture and free antiques while my hubby doesn't want to let go of the tv, gaming system, entertainment center and sofa. We are in 1,100 sq feet and I think we could raise a large family here but stuff has got to go to make room for wee ones. Any tips?

    1. I think it's a process. If you both desire to simplify and live a more minimal life, begin taking steps towards it. Throughout our 5 years of marriage, we've realized we care less and less about stuff and have been able to let go of more as the years pass. I'd start with cleaning out your closet, get rid of those unworn clothes that you don't love or don't fit. Then maybe tackle the excess in the kitchen. You'll probably find once you start simplifying these areas you'll desire to simplify more areas of your home!

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