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A Smaller Closet | Frugal & Simple

A Smaller Closet

This is our closet. We have a small closet, at least compared to the closets we’ve had in our other homes!

By most people standards, it’s way too small! We weren’t concerned about it when we moved in since we don’t have many clothes!

What’s hanging up is all of our clothes! We also have our winter coats hanging up on the ends. The only clothes that are in ‘storage’ are my non-maternity pants and winter shirts {which you can see stored on the top shelf!}

We did have a walk-in closet in the last house we owned! It was huge, at least by our standards! This is just a glimpse of the back and all of our coats! {We had too many coats!} The two sides were filled with clothes. We’ve definitely minimized our wardrobes since moving from this house!

Part of the functionality of this small closet is all the shelves! John David added this high shelf a few weeks ago so I’d have a place to store my non-maternity clothes!

If you have a small closet that is busting at the seams and unorganized, I challenge you to do a thorough de-cluttering of your clothing! If you haven’t worn something in the past year, let it go! Also, if it’s uncomfortable or you don’t feel confident in it, let it go! You’ll be much happier to have a closet that is less cluttered and only filled with clothes you love and that make you feel good!