Cloth Diapers: bumGenius One-Size

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  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you posted this tutorial! I've been reading your blog off and on for several months now and really enjoy all of the tips. I did not cloth diaper with my first (who is now 5 yrs. old) but am planning to with my second (due Jan. 2012) and the bumGenius diapers are what I had already decided to use. This video has been perfect for me – I had a few lingering questions regarding the diapers and you answered them. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Congrats on baby number two! Our new babies will be very close in age, I'm due on Dec. 31st! I'm so happy to hear this video was helpful! I love my bumGenius diapers!!

  2. Great videa…It was great to see how the inserts worked! We are planning on cloth diapering with our first. We have some BG 3.0 that we picked up on super clearence but are not sure if we should get more of the same brand or try some others. I think this video series will help use with that discision.

    1. I do love BG, they've been my favorites since they are so easy to use and anybody can use them. It's funny to see the crazy ways people put snap diapers on when they're not familiar with them! 🙂 If you aren't planning on cloth diapering from day one, I'd recommend not buying a ton of diapers and waiting to see if you really like them before you invest a ton in them. Before Paxton was born I had 2 Flip covers with 5 inserts, 1 Econobum, 6 BG 3.0s and 2 Fuzzi Bunz One-Size. I thought I was going to like the Fiip system and Fuzzi Bunz the best but I ended up preferring Bum Genius and Econobum! I was so glad I didn't have a ton of diapers that I didn't love!

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