Paxton’s Nursery

Now that we’re expecting and beginning to plan a nursery for two, I thought it was time to share Paxton’s nursery in our new home!

When we were expecting Paxton, we put together a nursery which was completely functional but lacked personalization and finishing touches. Then we moved to a rental and the nursery there was builder beige and we didn’t have a thing on the walls.

When we moved, I wanted to create a room for him that was personalized and a space he could grow up with, all on a small budget. We painted the walls a beautiful shade of green and added in touches of bright reds and blues with toys and decor. I adore primary colors!

Most of Paxton’s treasures are here on this bookshelf! He adores his books, his blocks and his farm!

Before we moved, I took a mirror that was in our yard sale pile and with a couple coats of spray paint completely made it over! The best part, we already had the spray paint so this was a free makeover!

While I was spray painting the mirror, I decided to paint the  knobs on the dresser red too! What a difference that made {and yes, a knob is missing! It’s actually tucked away in one of the drawers, we just haven’t put it back on!}

The I can do everythingart was part of a Day Spring review, The Cat in the Hat book was $1 at a thrift store and I purchased the ABC book for $5 as a birthday party decoration. The chair, which we love, was a Christmas gift from my grandparents. Paxton loves reading his books in his chair! {Or just hanging out chewing on a toy in his chair!}

I picked up these curtains at Goodwill several years ago for a mere $4! We used them in our first little apartment for a little while and they are perfect for Paxton’s room! I made the flag on the wall from a scrap piece of tin from my grandparents farm a few years back.

When we moved we needed a place to store toys. I didn’t want a traditional toy box since they are so big. We picked up an $18 galvanized tub for toys which goes right along with the farm touches in the room!

The most expensive part of the room was the rug. We wanted a 100% natural rug and were looking for a wool rug {which are expensive}. After a few months of searching, we still hadn’t found one we loved. We decided to go with a cow hide rug which is natural and incredibly soft! This was not a cheap purchase, we spent $150 on it but it’s a rug we love and will use for many years to come.

When we went to Ikea several months ago, I picked up 6 red frames for $12. I purchased them so I could finally display the farm animal wall art I had made before Paxton was born using old scrapbooking supplies. Often when I get Paxton out of his crib, he’ll point to the animals!

We were given a changing table before Paxton was born. It was a wood color and we painted it white so it would go with the rest of our nursery furniture! It cost around $20 for  paint and supplies. The ‘P’ was $5 at Hobby Lobby and painted with the same spray paint from the mirror and dresser knobs.

Paxton’s room is my favorite room in our home! I love that it is put together and that it is not too babyish and will be able to grow with him (and little brother one the way!)


$25 Paint

$1 Cat in the Hat book

$5 ABC book

$18 Galvanized tub

$150 Cow Hide Rug

$12 Red Picture Frames

$20 Paint for Changing Table

$5 ‘P’

Total: $236*

And Paxton loves his nursery, especially reading in there!

{*$256 seems like a lot of money and it is! When you take out the $150 cost of the rug, the makeover was only $86! That’s quite frugal in my opinion! Plus, frugality to us is fewer quality items we love over cheapness!}

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  1. I LOVE it! You did a fantastic job, and the cow hide rug is just perfect! It's a wonderful little boy's room!! I love how you are not afraid to spend a little more on an item you love and know will be used for many many years.

    1. Thank you! I hope the room will be similar for many years to come since it's not too baby boy-ish! And that will save money by not having to redecorate! 🙂 And I prefer quality over quantity…that's why I went ahead and bought the rug!!

    1. I like the red knobs too! Yes, they'll be sharing the nursery. In fact, last night my hubby and I were in there talking about furniture arrangement for 2 cribs!

  2. Awww….so cute! Primary colors just say "boy", don't they. Brings me back to when my two boys were babes 18 months apart and sharing a nursery. They are 13 and 12 now! What color/brand of green did you use? I love the shade — so vibrant with out being too dark or light. I will be repainting my 12 year old's room soon and he would like green as the main color.

    1. The paint is Valspar, I'm pretty positive it is the Laura Ashley line and I think it is an apple green…I am sorry I cannot find the paint swatch!

  3. So cute! We also have a bedroom painted light green. It also works well with light pink for a little girl.

    Love you blog. I stumbled on it a few days ago, and have been enjoying reading your past posts.

  4. It looks great!! And you're right, the whole look will grow with him which is also very frugal! You've got quality items that you can later easily change the paint colors when he's a "big kid."

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