Buying More Equals Discontentment

This past Monday, our family took a mini trip to Atlanta. The purpose was to purchase a crib for Weston and go to IKEA!

Our first stop was to pick up Weston’s crib. We decided a few weeks ago that since Paxton is content in his crib {and not even attempting to climb out at 16 months}, we’re not going to mess with that. Once Paxton is ready, we’ll convert his crib to a toddler bed and use it for a few years until we’re ready to purchase bunk beds for the boys!

Since all the nursery furniture is white, we knew we wanted a white crib and we both like the simple design of IKEA’s cribs. We found a white Gulliver crib and mattress for $50 via Craigslist. The crib and mattress are in great condition and we’re thrilled we were able to buy used!

Once we picked up the crib, we headed to IKEA. It was right around lunch time so we went ahead and indulged in our favorite IKEA meal, Swedish meatballs. Yum! We all enjoyed our meal and then started browsing the showroom.

I went armed with a list, we needed crib sheets and a mattress protector. We were hoping to find lamp shades, a soap dish, throw pillows and a hand towel. And hopefully some inspiration for our home office/guest room/ play room organization! 

We sat on a few sleeper sofas in the showroom since we’re talking about replacing our guest bed with a sleeper sofa, we looked a bed frames because our mattress/boxspring is currently on the floor and we’re not sure what look we want in our new bed and we sat in chairs. We were both quite captivated by the $69 POÄNG chair and decided that we needed one. {We did talk about where we were putting it before we decided on purchasing it! It’s for our room so I’ll have a comfortable spot to nurse Weston during those first few months of mid-night feedings.}

We went through the rest of the store and stuck to our list with no other ‘impulse’ purchases! {Having a list and sticking to it is important to prevent buying things you don’t need and you also save money!}

On the drive home, instead of being content with the new chair we purchased and the items we found that were on our list, we talked about bedroom furniture. At this point, I’m not sure what I want but I do know I’m ready for our mattress/boxspring to be off of the floor and I really want to replace our nightstands.

When we arrived home, John David put together our chair, which fits perfectly in the spot that we intended to put it but the style is a bit more modern than the rest of our furniture which makes it look out of place and makes our other furniture look dated. Instead of just enjoying the chair and remembering that we do intend to replace our furniture, I was focused on the fact that our room was not complete and I wasn’t satisfied with my furniture.

After we had put away our new purchases, John David and I were both sitting in the living room, neither one of us in the best mood, which he mentioned. And I told him that ‘buying more equals discontentment.’ We spent all day looking at things that would be nice to have and purchasing things that we wanted and we both wanted more and better things and were discontent with what we had.

All in all, it was a great day as a family, but those feelings of discontentment are feelings I don’t like and they always seem to pop up after we’ve  gone shopping! That’s why we’ll keep our shopping trips limited and keep clearing our home of the excess so we realize that we don’t need much at all!

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  1. I feel the same way after shopping too. And I hate that!
    I'm glad you were able to stick to your lists and get what you needed and to see what was out there for new furniture.
    I wish we had an IKEA around here. I think the closet one is in ATL. Guess I need to make a trip so I can see it!

    1. We were excited when we moved from Tennessee to Georgia that we would be fairly close to an IKEA! We enjoy our IKEA trips, we make a day of it and have a blast! Definitely worth a stop if you head to Atlanta!!

  2. I know how you feel. I am always feeling a bit down after shopping, especially lately. You are right about having a list and sticking to it being incredibly helpful!

    I can say one thing about your impulse Poang purchase….I think you will be happy with it! We have one and I nursed our daughter in it and then fed her bottles in it up until it got packed up for our move! For me, it was a great chair 🙂 I am ecstatic to get it out of storage soon and our daughter received a child-size poang at Christmas so I am excited to set that up finally too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

    1. We don't regret the chair purchase at all! We were thinking about a glider rocker already and this was much cheaper than a nice and decent looking glider! It's so comfortable. {In fact, I'm sitting in it right now!!} I'm looking forward to nursing my new baby in it!! How sweet that your daughter has one too, we saw the kid size one…adorable.

  3. This is such a relentless unhappy cycle, and a reason I don't shop anymore. I was working full time, and shopping more, having to replace things frequently. Clothing for work, my car was racking up more miles and needed repairs from so much driving (and I was comparing iy to newer and better models), I had no time to do anything at home, and called in a cleaning person (everything was always, cluttered, messy, and disorganized), my meals were not cooked by me, and I had to overspend, I took everything to be dry cleaned, my bills and finances were always disorganized and late, my relationship with my husband suffered, etc etc, and I was actually in debt trying to keep up….
    I am now currently not working outside of the home, and my husband is the only one with a job, and we are much happier. We are actually saving money! I am able to cook healthy food, and tend to being a homemaker, and just a better person in general. Consumerism is a never ending cycle of wanting more, better, newer; and is was an ugly addiction for me.

    1. What a great story this is! And consumerism is a never ending cycle and many are addicted (I never really thought of it that way but you're right!) Isn't it amazing how 'doing without' things you are supposed to need equals in a happier life?

  4. I don't know if John David is experienced with wood working, but my husband built our bed frame for around $50! It looks almost identical to an IKEA platform bed frame but a little higher. I covered the headboard with batting and an extra sheet from our bedding set! We have a king size bed so the frame would have cost us well over $200 and would not match our decor as nicely!

  5. I think this is a great article and so true. I find that we are the same way.
    We came into some cash last year and decided to purchase a new couch that quickly needed end tables, lamps and coffee table, some more modern pictures, and some candlesticks, that followed into a new bathroom curtain. When my husband finally called my attention to the craziness that had to stop. I kicked back on my new couch, put my feet up and then noticed how terrible my ceiling fan looked with my more modern furniture. lol!

    1. It becomes a crazy cycle of acquiring! Thankfully those feelings have diminished over the past few days and I'm back to being content…still thinking about our bedroom furniture but not 'obsessed'!! 🙂

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