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Major Productivity

My husband left on Sunday afternoon, leaving me alone for 3 days with Paxton {I wasn’t excited about being left all alone with a moody teething toddler!} I usually dread him leaving but I’ve found that keeping a positive attitude combined with keeping busy is the best way to make it through these days.

I made a lofty to do list and started working! I accomplished a lot by using nap time wisely and once Paxton went to bed each night, I spent time blogging. {There will be posts coming more frequently on this somewhat neglected blog!}

  • I started Sunday afternoon on the big project I wanted to accomplish, painting our bathroom cabinets! I painted the bathroom cabinets black. I applied the first coat Sunday afternoon and finished up Monday morning during nap time. The cabinets look great. {Pictures coming soon once we get some of the hardware updated.}
  • I stayed up several hours past bedtime Sunday and Monday night writing blog posts! I spent the bulk of the time writing a series titled “Our Financial Story,” which I’ll be posting once John David has a chance to read over it and gives me the okay for sharing some of the personal details.
  • Monday evening I made curtains for both bathrooms! The half bath has a simple white curtain and I made a black and white curtain for the bathroom! {I’m so excited about finishing this mini bathroom makeover and sharing with you!}
  • Tuesday morning was nice and cool so Paxton and I headed outside to vacuum and de-clutter our car! He played in the drivers seat while I vacuumed. A vacuumed and clutter free car looks so much better!
  • During nap time Tuesday, I finally made laundry soap. I’ve been out for a month and was lazy and bought a container of detergent! It was easier to make than I remembered and I was kicking myself for wasting money on detergent when I had the supplies for homemade detergent already at home.
  • I spent Tuesday afternoon lightly de-cluttering. We’re planning a yard sale in a few weeks and I want as much of the excess clutter gone as possible! I went through our hall closets, Paxton’s closet, toys and dresser and my craft chest. I have a box full ready to go out to the yard sale pile in the garage.
  • And I did the usual, playing with my sweet boy, changing diapers, washing diapers, doing laundry, washing dishes, going outside to play, snuggling with Paxton in the mornings and many more daily joys!
Yes, I’ve missed John David but he had to be gone so I’m glad I spent my time being productive instead of moping around missing him!