Mirror Makeover

When we made an offer on our house back in March, I began planning the ‘new nursery’! Since Paxton was almost a year old, it was finally time to really personalize his space and make it a bright, happy place for a little boy!

Since I love primary colors, I decided to use some pops of red and blue in the room and needed some pops of red to go along with the blue curtains we had!

Enter this mirror:

We’ve had this mirror for years! Once upon a time it was in the living room of one of our apartments but was currently sitting in the donate pile in our garage. I thought a mirror would be nice in his room and a coat or two of spray paint would give it a totally different look!

It turned out even better than I expected:

I love this red mirror! It’s such a bright and cheery color and looks great with his room!

The best part is that this cost me nothing! The mirror was from our donate pile and we already had the red spray paint. You can’t beat a free project that you love.

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  1. That looks great! Just as good as something purchased from a store but better because you put your own creativity and frugality into it! How clever! I can’t wait to see the finished room!

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