We’re welcoming a…

We found out last week that we have a healthy baby boy on the way! We’re thrilled to be welcoming our second son and that Paxton is going to have a close in age brother!

Here’s a picture of our son, Weston:

{To read more about Weston and my pregnancy, visit our family blog, The Simple Life of the Boreings!}


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  1. How exciting!!! Most importantly how great to hear he is looking healthy and is right on track 🙂 How did you decide on his name? Is it a family name? It sounds great with Paxton's name too!

  2. I've never commented before…but I've followed your blog for years now (kinda crazy to think about!) but CONGRATULATIONS!!! His name is perfect 🙂

    This is not related to this post at all…but I've used many of your recipes and we love them! I've watched your vlogs and when you have time to make more I'll watch all those too (although two little boys will probably make all your free time nonexistant!). You have been such a good example to keep living frugally even when the rest of the world does not seem too 🙂 ooh, and we are fellow Georgians (within the last year).

    Anyways….congratulations again!!

    1. I'm glad you commented!! So happy to hear you love the recipes!! And yes, the vlogs have come to a screeching halt! 🙂 We actually filmed several about cloth diapers way back in February, just haven't taken the time to edit and upload!! And we also moved to Georgia recently, October will mark one year for us!!

  3. How exciting!!! That will be just wonderful for both of them to be so close and everything, although you are quickly getting outnumbered, LOL.

    Hubby and I would love to have another girl so that Dallas could have a sister close in age, but we'll see! 🙂

    1. If we had a girl we would have wanted a girl too…there's something special about same gender siblings (at least in my opinion since I have a sister who is only 22 months younger than me!!)

  4. Very excited and happy for your little family. Having another son even fits in with your frugal lifestyle and being able to reuse all those little boy things.

  5. When we were having such a hard time finding a middle name for Paxton, we started throwing out other boy names so we'd be more prepared if we had another boy and Weston is the one we agreed on then! Of course now we're once again having a hard time agreeing upon a middle name for him! It's not a family name, just one we really like! And we like the "on" endings…at least for boys!! 🙂

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