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Dressing Baby on a Budget | Frugal & Simple

Dressing Baby on a Budget

When we found out we were expecting our first child, we didn’t give into the temptation of beginning to shop for baby! We knew that we would have family and friends who would shower us with gifts and ┬áhand-me-downs.

We purchased the very first outfit on the day we found out we were having a boy to celebrate {and we paid with a gift card!} Before he was born, we picked up a few items on clearance and some essentials that we needed, using gift cards we had been given for him, but paid absolutely no cash out of pocket for clothing!

It is possible to dress your baby for almost nothing if you are grateful for the ways people bless you and aren’t too picky! {Sure, we’ve been given things that we wouldn’t pick out for Paxton to wear but honestly babies look cute in almost anything!}

Here are sources of dressing baby on a budget:

Shower/New Baby Gifts

Newborn sleeper we received at a shower

Almost every mama-to-be has a shower – or 2 or 3- for a first baby! Even second or third babies are given gifts so this is a great way to outfit your little one!

We were very, very blessed with gifts of clothing for our son. We returned the duplicates and items we received too much of (like 20 size 0-3 month bodysuits!) We used the cash and store credit from returns to purchase items we needed for him.


Hand-me-down romper from my parents pastor's boys

Hand-me-downs are the cheapest way to outfit children! We’ve been given several boxes of clothing from friends over the course of the past year. Looking through a box of hand-me-downs and finding adorable clothing is so much fun! Paxton’s wardrobe for this coming fall/winter is composed of at least 50% hand-me-downs from friends at church!


Borrowed overalls from friends at church

Borrowing is another great way to save lots of money on outfitting your children! Since we have been given so many clothing items, we haven’t had the need to borrow much but we’ve had a few friends who have loaned us clothing items we need to fill in gaps in the wardrobe. If our second child is a girl, I plan to borrow most of her clothes from my sister who has 2 girls!

The best part of borrowing clothing, once you’re finished with it, you return it and don’t have to store it!


Secondhand t-shirt from a resale store

Buying children’s clothing secondhand saves a ton of money! I still haven’t needed to purchase many items for my son but almost all of the items I’ve bought for him have been from secondhand stores.

We are very blessed to have several resale stores in our town. I’ve sold items for cash and store credit at two different stores in town. Having store credit has been a frugal way to supplement his wardrobe without spending anything out of pocket! This past spring I sold some clothing and after purchasing several items, I still have about $25 in store credit that I can use for any fall/winter items Paxton may need or to purchase items for our new baby!

{Buying baby clothing from yard sales would fall under this category too. That is a wonderful way to spend almost nothing to outfit your child. Since we have been so blessed with hand-me-downs, gifts and store credit to a secondhand store, I’ve had no need to yard sale for his clothing.}

Birthday/Christmas Gifts

A play outfit he received as a birthday gift

Paxton has received many clothing items as Christmas and birthday gifts. This past Christmas we received clothing that helped our quickly growing boy get through the rest of the winter! He received several outfits as birthday gifts which make up a large part of his summer wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to ask for clothing for gifts for your child, babies and young children don’t need many toys!!


Romper purchased on clearance at the end of last summer

Clearances are another wonderful way to save big dollars on clothing! Last summer I purchased several cute clothing items (up to size 3T shirts) that were marked down very low (with a gift card we received as a shower gift, costing us nothing out of pocket!) This is another great way to save money on clothing. It does take some guess work in sizing but even if your child can’t wear an item or two you can always give them as gifts or resale them!

These are the ways we outfit our son (and will do the same with baby #2)! At 15 months, we’ve yet to spend a dollar out of pocket for his clothing {remember we’ve used gift cards and secondhand store credit to purchase the items we’ve personally bought for him.} Sure he’s not wearing $50 smocked items or clothing from trendy and expensive baby stores but we think he’s dressed incredibly cute! {Of course we have our family and friends to thank for most of these cute clothes!!}

Now that we’re expecting baby #2, we’ve only bought a size 3 month white bodysuit (we didn’t have a white one in this size and white will work for boy or girl!)

Babies aren’t as expensive as most people make you believe! If you don’t give into the temptation of having the latest, greatest and most expensive baby items you can have a baby on a budget! {And I’d much rather outfit my children on a budget and have a house full!!}