Backing Up Family Photos

It seems nesting is already kicking in and I haven’t even hit the 2nd trimester! With the recent lack of togetherness, I know it’s important to begin taking steps to get more organized.

I’m starting off by marking things off my to-do list that have been on there a very long time. One of those things is backing up our family photos. I have never had a good backup photo plan. Since I have a 4 year old computer, this isn’t very smart! Anytime my computer is slow to wake up, I start thinking the hard drive has died and we’ve lost all of our pictures.

Earlier this week, I finally went through iPhoto, deleting duplicates and bad photos and organizing into albums by months. Then I started a Photobucket account and began uploading. Since I have nearly 10,000 photos in iPhoto, this has taken a while! I’m still not completely finished but my important photos are backed up (the ones we’ve taken since Paxton was born!)

It feels good marking off a task from my to do list that’s been on there a while! I feel productive and I no longer open my computer worried that something is wrong and I’m no mentally beating myself up because I’ve procrastinated in creating a back up for years!

What about you? Do you have a photo back up plan?

Have you found that nesting kicks in earlier with each pregnancy?



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  1. Yes we have a backup plan! I have an account on and I upload full resolution files to them everytime I take pictures. I love how they are integrated with all my mac stuff (ipad, iphone, appletv…). I had been slowly updating all my pics onto phanfare but recently (6months ago) I had a hard drive failure and I lost a year worth of pics ( I have peices here and there thankfully). But I am super bummed..wished I would have tried to finish that year sooner. Very important to have them backed up. I am on a quarterly DVD plan with them also where they will send me anything that has changed or been added to my phanfare galleries on DVD every 3 months. Love this so now I have even another backup.

  2. It's so funny you posted this today because I backed-up April and May just prior to getting online! I don't have the best back-up system but after work today I put April and May photos onto Kodak Picture CDs. That's my current back-up plan – CDs containing the images. Sometimes I do it at home (WAY, WAY cheaper!) and when I am just overwhelmed (like I am recently) I take the easy way out and shell out a few extra bucks for Target to do it for me. We are hoping to get a fireproof external hard-drive one of these days and try backing up that way.

    I have found that my nesting has hit earlier this (my second) pregnancy. I think part of it for me is that we are living with family still (we are so close to being able to move out!) and I am just freaking out a little because it is so cluttered! I have been living in someone else's clutter for one year now and it is just getting to me so bad lately! I am anxious to get out into our own place and create a more comfortable space for us to live in. I would bet your recent move might be impacting your early nesting a bit! Settling into a new home is a huge undertaking!

    1. At least you have a back up system! 🙂 Happy to hear that it's normal for nesting to begin earlier! I cannot imagine living with someone else's clutter…I think I'd go crazy!! Hoping you get your own home soon!!!

  3. I use and love it!
    I have Nyla's months organized on there, so it's really easy to get through and see what I want.
    I like that it's free and storage is free and I don't have to worry about losing all of them through storage on my computer. You just never know with these computers!
    Plus offers great deals and free stuff fairly frequently. They also have great deals on getting copies of photos and books and I can make cards of all kinds. I love it!

  4. YAY for crossing things off the never-ending "to-do" list! Congrats! I need to go through all of the pictures on my laptop too. Hubby didnt do it on his, and it just died. 🙁 I have pictures of my precious piggy on there that may never be recovered. I like that you deleted the bad ones and organized by date. I usually just transfer them all over – the good, the bad and the ugly! Thank you for the motivation!

  5. I am very careful about backing up photos, especially after my aunt lost a couple of years of photos (including her son's graduation) when her hard drive died.

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