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Our Exciting News | Frugal & Simple

Our Exciting News

That’s right!!

Paxton is going to be a big brother!!!

His baby brother or sister is due to arrive December 31st!

After a week of extreme tiredness and a bit of nausea I thought it was possible that I was pregnant. I took my first test on May 4 and we had a ‘faint’ positive! John David wasn’t fully convinced and neither was I! We decided to test again on May 7 and had another positive. I celebrated my second Mother’s Day as a mama to 2 (although the only people who knew were John David and me and we were in disbelief!!)

I had about 6 weeks of nausea and food aversions but have not been sick like I was with Paxton. With him, I was sick from week 6 to 12! I am now 12 weeks 2 days and am starting to feel normal (I finally meal planned this week!)

Being pregnant, dealing with nausea, tiredness and an extremely active toddler is one of the reasons posts have been few and far between here.

We’re thrilled to be adding to our family! We had an ultrasound last Thursday and our new baby looks healthy! We were surprised to see how much of a baby he/she looks like, we weren’t quite 8 weeks when we had our first ultrasound with Paxton and he looked like a little bean!

Now, the big decision ahead of us is do we want to find out the gender! Since Paxton was born, I said I want to wait until the birth to find out with our next one but now that we have one on the way I’m starting to think I want to know! John David wants to know! We will have the next ultrasound around week 18 or 20 which means we have only 6-8 weeks to decide if we want to find out!

If you want to follow along with weekly pregnancy updates, I’ll be sharing those on our family blog, The Simple Life of the Boreings!