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Secondhand Finds

It’s been nearly 2 years since I last went yard sale-ing! Last summer with a newborn baby, we just never made plans to go. Since John David was gone this Saturday, I decide yard sale-ing was a perfect way to pass a few hours, have fun and hopefully find a few good deals.

I was a little disappointed in the day because I was really hoping to find some furniture but I still found some great things at great prices!

We hit  a few yard sales before finding the local creative arts guild sale. It was a huge sale but I only found one thing.

This picture frame was $1! It originally had a picture glued in it and had an original tag of $39.99! Unfortunately I didn’t notice that it didn’t have glass and the bottom corner was busted until we got home {that is what happens when you have a 23 pound toddler on your hip and you’re trying to make sure he doesn’t destroy anything!} However, I still love the frame! A piece of scrapbook paper and a wedding picture look great in this and it was a nice addition to a very bare wall!

The next sale we went to was a yard sale that a few ladies in my mom’s group put together. {I should have joined in but the thought was too daunting with John David gone…maybe next time!}

One of the ladies was selling a lot of her kid’s Little People collection! There were a ton of cute play sets and people but as cute as the sets are, they take up a lot of space that we just don’t have in the nursery. I purchased the cat and farm girl (nice additions to Paxton’s farm) and the firetruck and firefighter for just $.50!! Paxton has had a blast with the firetruck too, he’s been making truck noises every time he “drives” it!!

After we left that yard sale, we headed to a local antique shop to browse! While there I found this old chair for $5!! I’m hoping to replace the bench in our kitchen with chairs and I want several different chairs. I loved this one and thought the price was just perfect!

The most exciting part of this chair is that “READING ROOM” is stenciled on the back! I love this little detail! My guess is this chair is from a school.

Paxton did just wonderful yard sale-ing with mama. At several of the sales and the antique store, I put him in his stroller which was easier on us both!

After these finds, I’m looking forwards to more yard-saleing this summer and hopefully finding some of the furniture that’s on my wish list! {And we’ll bring John David along which will make it even easier with Paxton!}