I’m Still Here!

I’m really still here and we’re happy and healthy!

I’m sure some of you might have thought I had a breakdown after to my most recent post, The Lack of Togetherness, that was not the case! All joking aside, I was blown away by your sweet words, encouragement and suggestions! I’m striving towards making our home a more orderly and peaceful place but learning to be content with the imperfections and the constant mess a 13-month-old can create!

The week I posted The Lack of Togetherness, John David worked late every single night so I was playing single mama and there was not much free time at all!

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on May 27th {and my husband didn’t arrive home until 11 that night…but he came home with cheese sticks and a milkshake from Sonic! Yum…and super healthy for 11, I know!}

On May 29th we left for our anniversary trip to Banner Elk, North Carolina, which we’ve been planning for over a year! We left Paxton with his grandparents Sunday and Monday night. This was my first time away from him overnight and we both did just fine!  I left milk with him and brought my pump and everything was great!

We celebrated John David’s 25th birthday on May 31st with Paxton and John David’s parents. We stayed in North Carolina until June 3rd and had a wonderful relaxing time filled with yummy food!

We returned home on June 3rd and I began deadline week for work as well as making preparations for John David’s trip to Ethiopia. We enjoyed a nice weekend just spending time together in the swimming pool!

This Tuesday John David left around 1:00 for Ethiopia! He safely arrived Wednesday afternoon!

I’ve been keeping busy with deadline week (which I finally finished my last transcribing file about 30 minutes ago…yay!) I had my mom’s group over yesterday to swim, Paxton and I sold a few clothes at a local consignment store today and had a mama/son date for lunch!

Hopefully all of this explains my absence! I haven’t logged into or thought about my blog for days and I do apologize for that! I should be posting more regularly in the next coming weeks!

Thank you so much for being such wonderful and encouraging friends to me!

{And that is the most recent picture of our family, taken Monday! Doesn’t Paxton look like such a big boy?}

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you are all doing well! And yes! Paxton looks more like a little boy than a baby now!

  2. It must be something about this time of year, because we were the same way. I hadnt posted in over a week due to everything going on. We went camping last weekend with family, and I didnt even THINK about a computer for the entire time. Guess what? It was the most relaxing, fun time I've had in a while! Hmmm…coincidence? I think not! I am going to try to do it more often!

    1. I think the season changes do have an effect! I just want to relax, swim and not cook these days!! And I agree, being offline is relaxing! I had put a lot of pressure on myself to blog regularly and I'm much happier now that I've told myself I don't have to blog…only when I have time and something meaningful to share!!

  3. WOW! You have been busy. So nice that you all got to spend some alone time together. Hope John David has a safe trip.

  4. Yay, Rachel's back! I was just starting to wonder if you were truly doing okay, and then I saw your latest post. You're all looking so happy and well. Your little boy is PRECIOUS. I just love to see pictures of him. And as always, Rachel, you have one of the happiest faces I've ever seen. Stay connected to Jesus; I know that's where your smile comes from.

    Have a lovely day, and let us all know when you do "get it all together"! : )


  5. yay! glad to see you're all doing good- sounds like its been a busy month for you all!! Keeping up with a young toddler is busy enough in itself, no wonder you haven't been able to blog as frequently, lol.

    And yes, Paxton does look soooooo big in this picture! My daughter is 2.5 months younger and she is like half his size LOL. such a cute little boy!

  6. Glad to hear everything is well. Sounds like you are keeping very busy the past few weeks! I look forward to your posts to come – as you get to them 🙂 It's amazing how quickly the days can fly by sometimes. I can't even believe it is already June! The year is half over – where did it go!? Have a good week!

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