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The Lack of Togetherness | Frugal & Simple

The Lack of Togetherness

I have a desire to “have it together.” I’m not seeking perfection just balance and an organized and orderly life. Most of the time I have it mostly together but lately there has been a total lack of togetherness!

I suppose moving throws a big wrench in routine but it’s been nearly 2 months since we moved and I’m struggling with establishing any routine {other than sticking with nap times and bedtimes for Paxton.} And, my ability to get things done is really lacking!

I have this long to-do list of things that we need to do for our home. {And it follows me around like a dark cloud!}

We need to paint patio furniture, clean off our deck, paint all the doors in the house, build raised beds for our garden, hang up our clothesline and purchase a rug for Paxton’s room {just to name a few!}

I need to edit cloth diaper videos with my husband so we can post them here.

I need to meal plan consistently {if you noticed, I have dropped sharing a glimpse of our May grocery budget. Why? I’ve not meal planned in weeks and our grocery shopping has been┬ásporadic!}

I need to set a date for a yard sale so we can get rid of about 1/3 of the stuff in our garage! {The yard sale stash is huge!}

I suppose we all have seasons where life just seems incredibly disorganized! {And when you add in an active and curious toddler it makes it even more disorganized!}

Honestly, many days I’m just amazed that I fed my family 3 meals, kept up with the laundry, washed diapers and managed to sweep the constantly dirty floors!

I’ve got it somewhat together when it comes to the bare basics of managing a home, it’s just all these other projects and a good routine that have me feeling behind and completely not together.

So, there’s a glimpse into my not so together life right now!

What about you? Do you feel a lack of togetherness or have you figured out some magic system of getting things done, staying on top of things and establishing routine? I’m open to I need suggestions!!