From Chaotic to Orderly

Last week I shared our messy office/guest room. As we unpacked, everything that didn’t have a spot was tossed into this room.

It was messy. I hated going in there because it was so bad! So I decided to use nap time wisely and do something about it.

Making progress with books on the bookshelf and using the bed for some sorting. {Notice the cheerios in the floor…evidence of a toddler!}

I did all of this in about 30 minutes time and took a break. Then I decided to keep on going and was able toget the rest of it cleaned up in about 30 more minutes. That hour of work made me a happier person!

Huge, huge, huge difference! Doesn’t this room look so peaceful? I must confess that the closet in this room is full of stuff that needs to be gone through and organized but the room looks good and I am happy having a neat guest room/office.

For now, this space looks amazing to me. {I do have big plans and dreams of turning this room into an office/playroom/schoolroom in the not too distant future.}

Do you have a messy room that is draining you? I challenge you to set a timer for 30 minutes and get to work. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in such a short amount of time when you are focused on getting a job done!

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  1. Amazing difference! I love the peace that an organized room brings to the home! (And the Cheerios on the floor? SO a regular thing at our house too!)

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