Gallery Wall

When we moved into our new home, I wanted to change  the decor in our living room, making it more modern and a better reflection of us – without spending much money! A gallery wall is a perfect way to use elements you have and love and give them a new life creating a new look.

My first step was to pick out all the elements that I wanted on the wall and arrange them on the floor! {Thanks to a long nap!} Once I created an arrangement I liked, I then took newspaper and traced each frame/item, noting where the hangers were and taped it to the wall. {This was not an original idea, it’s one of the many clever tricks I’ve found at Young House Love!}

A positive to hanging the newspaper was that it was super easy for my husband to hang everything for me! {He is the ‘picture hanger’ here since he’s the real perfectionist. He always says, I’ll happily hang anything as long as you tell me exactly where to put it! This sure is telling him exactly where to put it!}

Our completed current gallery wall.

The best part, I spent less than $25 for this look because I only purchased one item, the Urban Soul Fruit of the Spirit Wall Art. {It was only $25 and I used a coupon for 20% off!} Everything else was reused from our decor stash!

We threw this up in time for Paxton’s birthday party {so our living room wouldn’t be completely bare!} I have plans to spray paint the wooden tone frames black, paint the star an apple green and replace the blue fabric in one of the frames with apple green zig zag fabric that matches our throw pillows {that I still have to sew!}

Here’s a shot of the living room as it is today! The gallery wall is the only wall with anything on it, still! I have no clue what I am going to put on the other walls! {I am open to suggestions!}

I love that I captured Paxton sitting on the rug, reading a book and looking like an angelic child. {It literally lasted about 20 seconds but doesn’t it make it look like I live such a peaceful life? ha!}

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  1. I love the gallery wall!! I have thought of doing the same but I do not have the patience to trace all of the frames! Maybe someday….

  2. The wall looks great! Maybe for the wall next to it you can do a larger simple photo, frame, or peice of artwork in a wooden frame to create a balanced look.

    1. I'm also thinking something big! I'd love to get our pictures professionally taken and have a large canvas print of our family!

  3. Rachel I love it!!! It looks so good, truly! Have you thought about a vinyl scripture for your bare wall? We love ours in our living room and its such a great statement of who we are to everyone who walks in our home. I bought mine from a friend who makes them, but there are so many ladies on etsy who sell them! Have fun decorating your new house!

    1. Thank you! I've thought about scripture and also a large canvas of our family (which will cost a lot of $$!!) I'm enjoying the new house, not much decorating is getting done though!! 🙂

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