The Growing Garden

It’s already been a month since I shared about beginning our garden and unfortunately nothing much has really changed! It seems life happened and had set our garden plans back – going out of town, dealing with getting our pool open and the water balanced and two busy weeks of transcribing for me! There has been a little progress, but not much!

Our one raised bed is showing progress, our two banana peppers are looking great and so are our 5 tomato plants {we were given these plants!} The other 3 beds still haven’t been built. We really need to get on it!!

We actually have a teeny, tiny pepper growing!

Our seedlings have not fared well (mainly due to me forgetting to water them a few days last week!) Our cantaloupes recovered from a few days without water and are looking good again. Now, we just need to build another bed so they can be transplanted!

Not much to report and I have a feeling I’m going to have to let go of some of my lofty gardening dreams this year!

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  1. You have so much going on with the new house, a toddler, family and daily life…I can only imagine how busy things are. When we first did a garden at our old house, we went all out. We had so many vegetables, I couldnt keep up with them (not to mention it was my first time gardening). In this house, it took two years to get a true garden. I planted our raspberries so we could get fruit within the first year, some strawberries and then last year was our real "garden." Even then, I started small with just a few veggies (zukes, tomatoes, green beans) that grow in abundance. I love that we have perennial plants now so that they come up every year. That definitely makes it easier, cost effective and fun!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! I had big dreams that weren't very realistic for this season in life. So far, we've yet to build the extra planters! Oh well! We will have a small garden this year and it will be fun and not an overwhelming burden!! 🙂 Hope gardening is going well for you!

  2. Your raised bed is cool! I need one of those. I'm trying my own veggie gardening this year for the first time and have done some pots of the plants. I have 4 tomato plants, 4 jalapeno plants and 2 green bell pepper plants. They look healthy (so far). If I even get 1 veggie from each I'll be a happy girl! First time is hard, especially since I'm new at this whole gardening thing.
    Also, I saw you went to Munford High. I went to Bolton High School. I don't think I knew you grew up around here, that's crazy!
    I hope your plants continue to do well. You just have lots going on. We momma's just try to take on everything! Why is that? 🙂 We just want to take care of our little homes and little families I guess! God made us into caretakers and I'm thankful for it! Even if I do feel overwhelmed sometimes!!!

    1. I hope you are enjoying gardening!! Mine is not quite as big as I dreamed of this year…maybe next year! Yes, I went to Munford! I was born & raised in Tipton County! And, I also feel very overwhelmed sometimes….I suppose we all do!!

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