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The Stuff Keeps Multiplying | Frugal & Simple

The Stuff Keeps Multiplying

We moved into our home on April 2 and we’re slowly but surely settling in and really making this house into a home!

As usual our office/guest room space became the catch all! Everything that didn’t have a home was shoved into this room. It wasn’t so bad the first day or so, in fact I was quite excited and felt like we didn’t have a lot of excess clutter!

Then as we started unpacking more, we kept shoving more stuff into the back room.

It really seemed as if it were multiplying daily!!

This is a shot of the worst that it was. {And honestly, it still hasn’t been completely dealt with, thanks to simply shoving in a closet!}

Just keeping it real and sharing our clutter! {I suppose we have a lot of decluttering to do on the way towards rational minimalism!!}