Grocery Budget & Meals: Week 2

I’m continuing to share about our grocery budget and meals this week! Last week, I gave you a glimpse into our pantry and shared what food we had stockpiled as well as a detailed plan.

We’re working with a $175 budget for the month of May. After last week’s grocery trip we had $125 left.

Our grocery trips this week:

3 Chickens (@$1.79/pound)

Total: $21.38

  • 6 Avocados $9
  • Chicken Sausage (marked down) $2.49
  • 4 Oranges $2
  • 2 boxes Whole Wheat Pasta $.98
  • 2 blocks Cheese $3.58
  • 1 box Butter $3.19
  • Plain Yogurt (organic) $2.69
  • Spaghetti Sauce $2.58
  • Northern Beans $1.89
  • Milk (organic) (marked down) $3.29
  • 4 bags Chips $3.96
  • 2 boxes Cereal $1.98
  • Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies $2.81

Total: $40.44 (minus coupon plus tax) $36.83

Grocery total for the week: $58.21

{$66.79 left in the grocery budget for the month.}

*Yes, I did purchase a few processed foods and chips! {We love those chips by the way!} We have pretty good eating habits but not perfect!


Our Meal Plan:


Breakfast– Cereal

Lunch– Lunch Out

DinnerChicken Soup (using broth from a boiled chicken)

To Do- Soak Pintos


Breakfast- Fruit & Yogurt

Lunch- Leftovers

Dinner-Small Group (make tortillas & guacamole)

To Do- Cook Pintos, Layout Venison, Make Bread, Make Mayo, Make Tuna Salad


Breakfast- Strawberry Smoothies

Lunch- JD-Tuna Salad; Avocado/Guacamole & Chips

Dinner- Mexican Casserole


Breakfast- Strawberry Smoothies

Lunch- JD-Leftovers; Carrots, Mango, Yogurt & Cheese

Dinner- JD @ Church; Leftover Mexican Casserole


Breakfast- Cereal

Lunch- Leftover Mexican Casserole

Dinner-Homemade Pizza & Cheese Bread

To Do-Layout Chicken




Dinner-Enchiladas Verde

To Do-Make Buns


Breakfast- Breakfast at Church

Lunch- Leftovers

Dinner– Chicken Sausage with Chips & Apples

Do you meal plan?

Also, I’d love to know what your grocery budget is and what it includes (ours is only groceries, no toiletries or household products.)

6 Replies to “Grocery Budget & Meals: Week 2”

  1. Wow! Food is remarkably cheaper where you live. To be able to buy two blocks of cheese for that price is incredible! To buy them here would be $15 or more…

    1. They are only 8 ounce blocks of cheese, don't know if yours are larger or not! We are blessed to live in an area with a fairly low cost of living though!

  2. SO awesome that you got those chickens!!! I've been getting Springer chickens and chicken breasts on manager specials lately. Love them!

  3. Our budget is anywhere between $150-$250/month. It depends on if we are hosting any get-togethers or if we decide we are going to eat everything we have from the freezeer(s) and cupboards. We have been eating out of the freezer/cupboards for nearly 2 months. We are getting to the bottom of the meat finally. When we are completely out, I will start buying more meats when they are on sale: that will most likely be a $250 month.

    As for menu planning,with our schedules, hubby is home a few days during the week. On the days he has off, he cooks dinner. When we both work or I have off and he works, I make dinner. We dont get into the breakfast, lunch and dinner meal planning yet, but I'm sure we will once I get to stay home.

    1. Sounds like our budget/meal planning is very similar! And I've just started planning breakfast/lunch, it was becoming necessary to have a plan for lunch because lunch time was rolling around and I'd always wonder what's for lunch!!

  4. I was sad to see you only did 2 weeks of this. We are starting a "meal planning" initiative to cut down on our grocery spending, and I'm always looking for more ideas and support. Blog on this again!

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