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A Year of Breastfeeding | Frugal & Simple

A Year of Breastfeeding

A week ago Paxton turned one and we reached the goal of breastfeeding one year!

When he was born, I knew I wanted to breastfeed and hoped my body would allow me to exclusively breastfeed to 6 months. Once we reached that goal, I decided to keep going to a year. Now, we are a few days past a year and have no plans of quitting.

He nurses every morning and before bedtime. During the day, sometimes he nurses only twice, sometimes up to four times.

I believe breastfeeding has made him a confident baby. He is occasionally clingy but that’s normally when he doesn’t feel good or is tired. Typically he is friendly and loves spending time with other people. He’ll go to just about anybody and we make friends everywhere we go! Paxton’s waving, smiling or reaching out to people!

I know nursing a toddler is strange to some but I’ve been blessed with a supportive husband who believes this is best for our child and several friends who are pro-breastfeeding!

A few Breastfeeding Benefits:

  • A healthy baby. He’s not been very sick at all! He even had a fever when his daddy had the flu but we continued to nurse and he never got the flu and didn’t have to take antibiotics! He has had 1 stomach bug and breast milk was the only food he could keep down for a day which prevented dehydration and antibiotics! We’ve yet to have an earache!
  • Helps with teething. Nursing helps soothe him when he’s teething. I love that he is able to find comfort when he’s in pain.
  • It’s simple. I don’t have to worry about bottles or sippy cups to feed him.
  • It’s frugal. We haven’t bought a single can of formula and now that he can have cows milk, we’re saving money not having to purchase extra organic milk for him to drink.

I haven’t set any goals beyond this point. We are going to continue breastfeeding probably to 15 months and maybe to 18 months. I’m not going to initiate weaning any time soon but if he does initiate whether it is next week, next month, or in several months, we’ll wean.

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*I know many women struggle with breastfeeding whether it is horrible pain, a baby who won’t latch or lack of milk supply and these are things they just can’t control. I do not think mothers who formula feed their babies are inferior to those who breastfeed, we all love our babies and do what is best for them! I also know that breastfeeding to a year -and beyond- doesn’t work for many mamas! If you’ve nursed 2 weeks, 4 months, 11 months or even to age 2, congrats!

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