Bamboobies Nursing Pads + Giveaway

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Breastfeeding is by far the frugal (and green) way to feed your baby! Of course breast pads are a necessity for nursing mamas. A big question is whether to use disposable or reusable!

Before Paxton was born, I was given disposable pads which I used during the first few weeks. The disposables were uncomfortable and I was incredibly self conscious due to the ‘paper sounds’! Not to mention, I hated all the waste they created!

After those early weeks, I switched to reusables and haven’t looked back with no plans to use disposables with future babies.

There is a cost with whatever nursing pads you choose to use. I’ve invested in reusable pads which have held up through this first year of breastfeeding showing minimal wear! I prefer that to spending $10 or so on a box of disposables every few weeks.

There are all different types of reusable nursing pads but there is a quality and comfort difference! While nursing you’ll be wearing nursing pads daily so choose a soft, comfortable and absorbant pad likeΒ Bamboobies!

There are two different types of Bamboobies – Regulars and Overnights.


The regulars are heart shaped and adorable! They come in pale pink, hot pink and black. They really are soft, they’re comfortable and absorbant! The heart shaped pads shifted on me when worn right side up so I wore them upside down with minimal movement. Of course, bodies are shaped differently so you may have no problems wearing them right side up!


Overnights are round shaped, plush and incredibly soft! They are designed for heavy leakers and for those early weeks of nursing. These are the most comfortable nursing pads I have ever tried! Honestly, I love these so much that I wear them during the day. I would recommend the overnight Bamboobies to new mamas wanting to avoid disposables entirely during the first few weeks.

Buy Bamboobies:

2-pair packages of Regular Bamboobies or Overnight Bamboobies ~ $16.99

Multi-pack (a lingerie bag with one pair of Overnights and three pair of Regulars) ~ $29.99

4-pair package of Overnights (in a pink lingerie bag) ~ $29.99

Use discount codeΒ FAS20 for 20% off!


Win a coupon code worth $16.99! You can purchase a 2-pair package to sample or apply them towards anything else they sell!

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Bamboobies and tell me what you like the best about them!

Additional Entries:

Giveaway ends Tuesday, April 26 at 12 pm EST.

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of Regular and Overnight Bamboobies to review. I was not compensated in any other way.Β All opinions expressed in this post are my own!

Winner: Commentor #6, Jill!

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  1. I love the no wrinkle – I was always self-conscious of the wrinkle from the round disposable breast pads – looking forward to trying these with my second child (we are trying now πŸ™‚ An added bonus is the no waste – I like to make green changes whenever I can. Hope I win!

  2. I'm going to enter and hope I can win πŸ™‚

    I love the fact that the regulars don't show through your tops, I have a problem with my reusables because they are visible under a normal top. And then the fact that they have overnights! WOW! I have to use disposables at night because my son sleeps longer stretches now, so overnight reusables would rock my world!! I hope I win, but even if I don't I intend to try and buy some!!

  3. The thing I like best about these is the fact that they are a one-time buy. We already cloth diaper and use few disposable items in our house, but I never broke free from the disposable pads. I had already been thinking that next baby, re-useable pads would be a must-have. So, I'd love to win these!

  4. I've been nursing my newborn daughter for one month. I love that they are organic, reusable, cute, and have less lines!!!

  5. I love that they are organic. I also love the review that said they are the only reusables that never leaked for that user. I've hated using throw-sways this whole time but I leak through every disposable I've tried!

  6. My little man is 4 weeks old today, and we're just getting the hang of nursing–but doing great!

  7. I actually bought a set since I am preggo with number 2. They are SO soft. I can't wait to try them out!

  8. I am an expectant mom. I nursed my first for 6 months. I hated disposables!! Especially all the trash that they create…

  9. I love the heart shape, it is just so fun! We have been nursing 8 weeks and its going really well! I am a fan of bamboobie son fb and a fan of frugal and simple! Thanks for the giveaway

  10. I'm due in just two weeks and going to be bfing again but seems like six years is forever ago when trying to remember what all you 'need'…but i did get a sample pack!

  11. 1. I definitely like the reuse vs. waste concept here but 2. I like the organic as well!.

    I am not expecting or trying but my sister is and I like to be a green influence on her whenever possible.

    Also, I think nursing is great and want to encourage her to do so!

  12. I like that they're soft like cashmere. So curious to feel them.

    I'm currently nursing my 4th child who is 14 months old.

  13. I like how soft they sound, and that the website says you can see the proof under a microscope. Interesting!

  14. I'm an expectant mom (first week of June is when my repeat c-section will be) and I nursed our first until he was 10 months old and he suddenly self-weaned. I'm hoping I can get to a year this time!

  15. I like that they are reuseable, nursed my daughter until 18 mo. old and now nursing my second who was just born on Friday!

  16. I like that the overnight nursing pads are big enough to keep everything covered at night. I had a problem with disposible ones moving all around and not doing their job!!

  17. I am expecting our second baby in September and I *really* hope to nurse this one! Our 1-year old son refused to latch so I exclusively pumped for him for 10+ months. Talk about exhausting!! But so satisfying too.

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